At Category 2, Sandra Is Strongest Hurricane in Eastern Pacific This Late in Year

NOAA's GOES-West satellite captured this view of Hurricane Sandra on November 25. NOAA GOES Project/NASA

Sandra has strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane, making it the strongest hurricane to hit the Eastern Pacific this late in the year, the National Hurricane Center announced early Wednesday.

The hurricane has not yet caused any coastal watches or warnings, though the center notes that southern portions of the Baja California peninsula should monitor its movement.

GOES East captured this infrared image of TS Sandra off the coast of Mexico. To see more:

— NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) November 24, 2015

Sandra is moving west-northwest at about 10 miles per hour. "Additional strengthening is forecast during the next 24 hours, and Sandra could become a major hurricane later today or on Thursday," the center said in a public advisory.

Hurricane #Sandra forecast to strengthen throughout the day. Images via Suomi NPP satellite

— NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) November 25, 2015

In late October, Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico. The Category 5 storm, one of the strongest hurricanes on record, caused minimal damage despite its 165 mph winds.