'Catfish' Exclusive Teaser: Alfred Searches for His Online Love After Ending a Six-Year Relationship

Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are back Wednesday night to unmask another Catfish. Wednesday night's episode will feature Alfred, a man who ended a six-year relationship for someone he met online.

Season 8 of Catfish, which premiered on January 8, flips the typical procedure. Usually, a hopeful romantic writes in to meet their online love. This season, friends, family and even anonymous helpers have written to Catfish. That means Alfred didn't ask for Catfish's assistance. His brother, KeShawn, asked instead.

KeShawn's letter to Catfish, which has been revealed in an early commercial for the episode, says that Alfred had been talking to a man online named Adonis for a year. This may have even led to Alfred and his children's moving out of his then-boyfriend's house and back in with his brother.

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In an exclusive video sent to Newsweek, more details about the online relationship are revealed. Adonis reached out to Alfred on Facebook. At the time of the show's taping, the pair had been talking online for approximately a year. Schulman and Crawford immediately question how Adonis was friends with Alfred on his private profile. In the year that the events occurred, Alfred had only seen two or three photos of Adonis.

In the clip, Alfred explains that he doesn't want Adonis to visit him because he's from a small town. The family notes that everyone in town is involved with each other's personal lives because of how little there is to do in the area. Alfred refused to bring Adonis into the town's limelight, he explained.

Alfred then talks about his recent breakup with then-boyfriend Antonio. His family reveals their shock at the abrupt split. Alfred says that the relationship wasn't as perfect as it seemed.

"Around y'all, and in everybody else's' face, lovey-dovey. We can be happy together. We argued. We fussed. We'd fight. He doesn't know how to talk about his feelings. He doesn't let me talk about my feelings. The same issue for six damn years," Alfred notes.

Alfred also says that explaining the breakup to his children, who lived with Antonio, has been difficult. The pair seemingly plan to stay in contact so Antonio can still have a relationship with Alfred's kids.

One positive aspect of the breakup is Adonis. "It's like peace," Alfred explains. "With everything going on, it's like, all I need is just that one moment."

If Adonis really exists is unknown. Catfish has unmasked a variety of different characters and plot twists in its previous seven seasons. In rare cases, the online profile, however odd, matches the real person. On occasion, however, the show's subject has been talking to someone unexpected. This has ranged from a stranger to someone they've known, or even dated, in the past.

Catfish airs on MTV at 8 p.m. ET every Wednesday.