'Catfish' Finale Spoilers 2019: Is Deven's Online Love Whom He Says He Is?

Catfish airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Here's everything we know about this week's season finale.

MTV's Catfish returns this week for its mid-season finale with new guest host, former Giants running back Rashad Jennings.

Get to know @RashadJennings before he co-hosts an all new #Catfish TONIGHT 🙌 pic.twitter.com/DZKEKaa7eH

— Catfish (@CatfishMTV) January 23, 2019

Jennings and Catfish's Nev Schulman investigate on an online romance that is on the "doorstep" of a serious connection; however, could a Facebook hacking incident be the true starting point of their meeting? This week's episode is centered around 27-year-old Deven.

Spoilers ahead:

Currently living just outside of Pheonix, Arizona, Deven began communicating with a man from California going by the name of "James." The two met over a dating app, exchanged numbers and quickly formed an emotional connection. "James" sends Deven plenty of pictures, including nude photographs of himself; however, while he does invite him to California or Las Vegas for vacation, "James" refuses to FaceTime.

While Schulman is reading Deven's inquiry it is revealed that Deven was already following an Instagram account that featured the same picture "James" was using, but identified himself as Jay and lived in Buffalo, New York. Things automatically seemed fishy, so the Catfish team decide to fly out to Arizona.

In their face-to-face conversation, Deven reveals that it was hard for him to meet someone in person because he wasn't completely out of the closet, but found something very special in "James."

Upon further investigation, it's learned that "James" is from the same hometown as Deven, and still had a Michigan area code. "James" also told Deven that he coincidentally went to the school that happened to be a few blocks from Deven's childhood home. Among similarities, the couple also shared a mutual friend — Juan — who Deven briefly knew while working at the local airport.

"I knew he had a crush on me," Deven said about Juan.

On day two of the investigation, Schulman and Jennings looked through a Facebook profile of the same Jay who Deven already followed on Instagram.

Could a hacking help connect the dots for @NevSchulman and @RashadJennings? 😲 | Don't miss an all new #Catfish TONIGHT, at 9/8c @MTV! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/z8fLPY9QFc

— Catfish (@CatfishMTV) January 23, 2019

A post from August — around the time "James" and Deven started talking — shed light on a hacking incident that could be the answer to Deven's problem: "I lost my phone this morning, and my Facebook was hacked. So I'm sorry for whoever has seen my nudes and got inboxed. If you know me, I'm far from like that."

Following Schulman's attempt to reach out to Jay's cousin who commented on the August post, a New York phone number pops up on his phone.

"Hi, my cousin Lee Lee said that Catfish tried to call her, and she wanted me to call you guys," the voice said.

It is then revealed that the voice belongs to Jay or possibly, "James."

Upon FaceTiming Jay, he says his name isn't James but Jarris. It is quietly revealed that "James" is not who is said he was; however, the question still stands: Who is "James"?

After the Catfish team shows Deven the unfortunate information they had found, he was clearly heartbroken but agreed to attempt to meet "James" in Las Vegas. He also revealed that he knew of one friend that lives in Vegas, which may be a hint into a possible suspect.

"James" agreed to meet Deven at a local park; however, ended up having cold feet.

"Was this all for nothing?" Deven questions.

In a way to keep the meeting a possibility, Schulman reaches out to "James" and reveals that Catfish was involved.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt Deven," the response read. "I do care about him a lot. If he's willing to give me another chance, I promise I will meet him."

The team then agreed to have "James" meet them at the hotel. As Schulman escorts the mystery man into the room, Deven finally sees the face of the person he was talking to for the past three months.

Sha'Quan, a friend of Deven's previously mentioned in the episode.

The two had an "occasional" physical relationship and looked to be that Deven had ghosted him. In an effort to rekindle a relationship, Sha'Quan hatched a plan to be his knight in shining armor.

"I planned to text Deven as James and invite him out to Las Vegas," Sha'Quan explained. "He would then not show up, leaving Deven to text me, and I would be there."

Clearly frustrated with the situation, Deven didn't want any kind of emotional relationship that Sha'Quan was seeking. The team regrouped the next day at Sha'Quan's friend's house and the lense seemed to quickly turn onto Deven.

Through a lack of communication and misleading Sha'Quan, Deven turned out to only want him for the physical benefits. With both men under scrutiny, Schulman suggested that a physical relationship should no longer be pursued since it looked to be quite toxic.

At the conclusion of the episode, a quick update on the duo was given.

"Since filming, Deven is socializing more IRL hoping to see what dating life in Phoenix has to offer. He has forgiven Sha'Quan and is glad to have him as a friend with no benefits."

"Sha'Quan is happier knowing where he stands with Deven and is working on moving on too," it added.

Wednesday's episode was the conclusion of part three of season 7. The airing of part four is yet to be revealed.

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