Will 'Catfish' Be on MTV Tonight? Nev Schulman's New Co-Host Remains Unknown Ahead of Midseason Premiere

MTV's Catfish aired its midseason finale January 23, and fans are already eagerly awaiting the show's return.

MTV has not confirmed a premiere date, but a Catfish representative said filming is scheduled to begin shortly. While audiences wait patiently for a date, Catfish's official Twitter page has been full of past investigations while also giving viewers a chance to vote for their favorite guest co-host.

Who was your FAVORITE #Catfish co-host this season?

— Catfish (@CatfishMTV) January 24, 2019

Who was your FAVORITE #Catfish co-host this season? (Pt. 2)

— Catfish (@CatfishMTV) January 24, 2019

By the looks of the Twitter polls, most votes went to "Ex's and Oh's" singer Elle King. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter appeared on Nique's Catfish episode, where fans complimented her investigation and truth-giving abilities.

"Elle has been one of the best!! Loved her the most. Definitely give her an A+ in all categories. She was very focused & all about the person they were trying to help," one Twitter user wrote. "She did really well with Nev because she could quickly take the lead when appropriate then hand it back to him."

"Elle was amazing! She is by far my favorite co-host! I absolutely loved her and what she brought to the show. I don't want to watch another episode without her," another added.

Since the departure of original co-host Max Joseph in August, it has not been confirmed whether Catfish has decided on a permanent co-host or will continue down the path of guest co-hosts for the unforeseeable future.

"Moving forward, I think the show looks great. The themes of the show are still very much needed, people come for the mystery but stay for the conversation," host Nev Schulman told Newsweek.

"This next chunk of episodes looks to have all female co-hosts which I'm really excited about. Obviously, we have a lot of women featured on the show and there's something nice about having a co-host who can relate in ways that I can't," he added.

Before the mid-season finale, Schulman shared a behind-the-scenes photo of filming that seems to be a sneak peek into a future episode.

Expedition #catfish stranded in St. Ignace, MI 🥶 pic.twitter.com/KZpavlMc4E

— Nev Schulman (@NevSchulman) January 22, 2019

"We were trying to get to this very remote part of Michigan to find someone, and we were actually able to get there," Schulman revealed.

While it's unclear how this incident will play out on screen, it is a clear sign new episodes of Catfish are indeed in the works.