'Catfish' Spoilers 2019: Is Nique's Online Love Who She Says She Is? Everything We Know

Catfish airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Here's everything we know prior to this week's episode premiere.

Catfish is back with a new episode Wednesday night, featuring a new guest-host. "Ex's and Oh's" singer, Elle King joins reality show host Nev Schulman through the journey of online love.

Nique, a 19-year-old Texas-native, is the subject of this week's episode. After reaching out to Nev and "amazing new co-host," Nique reveals she is not entirely sure whether her online love is who she says she is.

Spoilers ahead:

While living in an uber-conservative city, the troubled 19-year-old originally took to Tumblr to find people she could connect with. After posting a "role-play" on the blogging site, she became connected with a model from California. They instantly connected, and have talked for over a year—but Nique has yet to meet her face-to-face.

Once Schulman made contact with Nique, it was revealed that "Alice" was regularly making cross-country trips but seemed to never stop in Nique's home state.

"It made me think, if you go on a country-wide trip somewhere, you kind of have to go through Texas," Nique notes during a video call with Schulman and King.

It was then revealed that the 19-year-old was currently in a polyamorous relationship with a woman named Princess. According to Nique, Pryncess was completely "supportive" of her relationship with "Alice," and vice versa.

Once the video call concluded, King automatically suspected Pryncess was, in fact, "Alice."

"Maybe she wants to find out how she really feels, or if she really wants to be in a polyamorous relationship," King hypothesizes.

As the investigative-duo arrive in Houston, Nique reveals that though she hadn't been able to connect with "Alice" face-to-face, she was the one who helped her through extremely difficult phases of her life.

The 19-year-old became extremely candid with Schulman and revealed she had lost her home during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Through this difficult time, Nique experienced severe anxiety, which then resulted in a self-harm incident.

On the second day of investigations, Nique suggests that they should see the mystery woman's Facebook page; however, it was then revealed that "Alice" had blocked her. Through further investigation, Schulman finds a friend of "Alice" to contact, named Madi.

Madi calls the Catfish team and seems to verify everything is a-okay with "Alice"—except one thing: her phone number. The number that Madi uses to contact Alice, isn't the same one that Nique uses.

Madi reveals that Alice has been hacked before and it "wouldn't be impossible" for someone to use her phone to catfish.

Nique's #Catfish may have blocked her from her social, but that's not stopping @NevSchulman and @ElleKingMusic from doing some digging! 💅 | Things are getting juicy TONIGHT at 9pm! 🙌 #Catfish pic.twitter.com/oY5PChxcs4

— Catfish (@CatfishMTV) January 16, 2019

After it's discovered "Alice" also deleted her Instagram account, King suggests that it is probably best to contact "Alice" and see she has to say, but things look to have become fisher when the woman answered the phone.

"I really don't want to talk about this anymore," the woman said. "Please don't come to LA."

The woman abruptly hangs up, leaving Nique in a tailspin. Schulman then suggests that they still go to California, but not to meet "Alice," but to visit Nique's dream university, Cal Arts.

As the Catfish team arrive in California, a surprising text is sent to Schulman—"Alice" had a change of heart and wanted to set up a meeting.

"Well, that was a smooth landing," Schulman says as he winks to the camera.

Schulman and his team arrive at the address provided, and tension automatically builds. After numerous knocks, a timid voice is heard—"I'm really nervous"—and a woman steps out from behind the front door. As cameras zoom in, it is revealed that—surprise!— Alice was really who she said she was!

Questions began swirling through Nique's and the Catfish team's heads: "Why didn't you want to send her videos?" "Why did you block her?" "Why the two different phone numbers?"

Alice revealed that she became very anxious when Nique told her she wrote into Catfish and started to distance herself from her. She also didn't realize the video calls were so important to Nique.

"I didn't realize there was such a lack of faith in me," Alice said. "I didn't feel like I had to verify who I was over FaceTime ... so it was low urgency for me."

Oh, and the two phone numbers? Alice said it's to keep her real-life friends and "role-play" friends "organized."

Once Alice and Nique went to go talk individually with Schulman and King, it was revealed that Alice had lost feelings for Nique.

Alice confronts the 19-year-old individually and tells her the truth; however, seems to leave a glimmer of hope for a romance in the future for Nique. The Catfish team decides to leave and regroup the next day so everyone can take a calm down from the whirlwind-of-a-day.

The next day, Alice apologizes to Nique for not being "blunt" with her and reveals that she doesn't want to pursue any type of romantic relationship; however, would want to remain friends.

At the two month update with Catfish, Alice told Schulman and King that despite being a bit heartbroken, she has accepted a platonic relationship and remains in contact with Alice.

In the end, Schulman stated that everyone seemed to be happy and "get what they want."

Tune in for Catfish next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.