Cat's Bizarre Method for Descending Stairs Baffles the Internet

A cat has showcased his adorable and undeniably distinctive method for getting down flights of stairs—and the internet can't get enough of it.

The super-cute efforts of Ricky the cat first came to light after his owner, Rachel, posted a video of her beloved pet on TikTok.

"This is Ricky, welcome to RickTok," Rachel wrote alongside the clip as an introduction to those watching along on social media.

In the clip, fans were given a showcase of Ricky's truly unique approach to staircases.

Where some animals may tread carefully, Ricky prefers to go with the flow.

To his apparent way of thinking, these are not simply steps designed to be walked down. No, to Ricky, each step represents a chance to get in a well earned back rub.

And if there is one thing Ricky the cat likes more than anything, it would seem, it's back rubs.

Lying stretched out on his back, he proceeds to slide down the necessary steps, savoring each one as he goes for an approach that's relaxing if slightly time consuming.

Taking care to maximize his relaxation method, Ricky even slips onto his side at one point in the video for a little more of his patented stair treatment.

First posted to TikTok by rlynneg, Ricky's video has already been watched over 2.7 million times by fellow cat lovers on the video sharing platform.

You can watch the video in all of its glory here.

His efforts certainly struck a chord with fans in the video's comments section, with many flocking to praise Ricky's moves, even if a few remarks were tinged with a hint of jealousy.

Many were simply blown away by how relaxing it looked.

"Why does that look like it feels amazing??" asked _raisin_fran_.

Liliac.eliza commented: "Oh, to be a cat softly cascading down the stairs."

BKep.18 added: "Slinky cat slinky cat slinky cat."

Agbbstudio noticed another detail behind Ricky's method, writing: "I love how he uses his front paws. It's such an intentional movement! He has planned this gentle slump down the stairs!"

Some still had the recently completed Olympics on the brain, with iucasisgay praising Rickys' "absolutely flawless execution" and claiming he would get "10's across the board."

Appa_choppa declared: "Cats are just self-contained liquid," with Eatthepast agreeing: "Cats are a liquid, but still a bit chunky. Liquid with chunks. Like soup."

Hyperfocuspod said: "Ricky has life figured out," while heychlocat wrote: "This is the best TikTok I've ever seen."

Black_Rose_Cutie couldn't resist the obvious pun on Ricky's name either, writing: "I guess you could say...Rick rolled."

Newsweek has reached out to Ricky's owner for comment.

A ginger cat lying down.
Stock image of a ginger and white cat—an adorable feline has found internet fame thanks to his unique way of going down the stairs. LewisTsePuiLung/Getty