Cats Can't Stop Watching 'Favorite' Film 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' in Viral Video

As summer comes to an end and fall rears its head once more, even these cats are getting into the seasonal spirit with their cozy night in, as this viral TikTok clip shows.

Shannon, @breaghamainecoon, shared the adorable video of her 11-month-old felines, Luna and Cooper, to TikTok on September 17, as they perched on the side table watching their "new favorite movie," as the caption reads.

"What's wrong? You're acting all skittish. Don't worry, I've been stealing birds for a living since before I could trot," said the on-screen voice, proving exactly why it's their favorite.

Wes Anderson's take on Fantastic Mr. Fox can be seen playing as the two cats crane their necks to get a good view, seemingly engrossed in the movie. At one point, Cooper even appears to follow the sound.

With the TV lighting up the dark room, and glaring onto the cats' faces, it's giving all the fall vibes they need, according to the comments.

Since posting, the video has been watched over 400,000 times and has gained over 100,000 likes with viewers dubbing it the, "cutest thing I've seen in my life."

Cats are clearly fans of foxes, as viewers have claimed in the comments that their cats also share a similar fascination with the 2009 movie. "My kitten is the same!! She loves this movie," wrote one TikTok user.

"They are sister and brother and live here with us in our family home alongside our three other cats. They have a very playful relationship chasing each other round the house and often getting into wrestling matches with their siblings," owner Shannon told Newsweek.

"The cats are often intrigued by the TV and show an interest in other shows and movies we watch. All of our cats especially enjoy watching football. We can usually tell when they are watching as they follow the ball around, on the odd occasion Cooper has attempted to touch the ball on the screen. Luna in particular has an obsession with watching the remote control cursor on the tv, once the living room door opens in the morning it's the first thing she looks for, waiting for someone to turn on the tv.

"They were in the living room for the whole movie but only watched certain scenes that interested them, although I would say they showed more interest in this movie than any others we put on as they usually don't sit so close to the screen," she said.

The video can also be seen in full here.

Luna and Cooper are Maine Coons—a popular, friendly cat. Maine Coons are particularly large, and grow up to around 40 inches in length, according to Daily Paws. Their huge fur coats make them look even bigger than that.

Despite their size, Maine Coons are actually affectionate and social cats, but like the ones in the video, they are far more likely to hang around, or watch a movie, beside their owner than to sit on their laps.

It's for these reasons that Maine Coons are such popular pets, as well as the fact they make such eye-catching viral videos. In 2020, the Cat Fanciers' Association ranked the breed at the third most popular.

According to their TikTok account, the cats have ear fluff, large bushy tails and big fluffy paws, but aren't as big as they will be, at just 11 months old.

Luna and Cooper aren't the only cats melting hearts online though, as cats Nelson and Rupert went viral in July as they embraced each other in a video.

The brothers hugged one another on the sofa, gaining over 45 million views for the adorable moment that was shared to their owner's TikTok account.

Cat watching TV in living room
A file photo of a cat watching TV in a living room. A video shows two cats watching Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox." Getty Images