Over 200 Cats are Poisoned by a Mysterious Serial Killer in small French Town

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This picture taken on September 2, 2016, shows a Persian cat in Nantes. In a town in the south of France, a serial killer has poisoned 200 cats in a month. JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD/AFP/Getty Images

A small French town is reeling from a mass poisoning that has killed hundreds of cats in the space of a month.

According to La Depeche, over 200 domestic and stray cats have fallen victim to a poisoner dubbed the "cat serial killer" in the coastal town of Saint Pierre la Mer, 55 miles south-west of Montpellier.

"They vomited something blue, they mewed and died," a resident, whose cats were poisoned, told the newspaper.

The local Society for the Protection of Animals has reportedly been overwhelmed by calls amid fears a child could accidentally swallow the poison.

"The atmosphere has become hateful, nobody trusts anyone," a villager named only as Geneviève was quoted as saying by French daily Ouest-France.

"We're all afraid a child might ingest some of this mystery poison."

The poison has yet to be identified, France.info reported, and the local society for the protection of stray cats has filed a criminal complaint with the gendarmerie so autopsies can be performed on the dead animals.

The motives of the poisoner remain a mystery to the locals.

"Does he want to attack stray cats or is he targeting gulls?" asked Andre Ruiz, deputy mayor in charge of security.