Cat's Miraculous Recovery After Nearly Being Euthanized at Shelter

A cat that was rescued from near-certain death at a shelter in Paris, Texas has undergone a miraculous recovery.

In a Reddit post, jujukamoo detailed how Henry the cat was barely able to even open his eyes when he was first taken in, due to an issue with his eyelids that required surgery.

"Sweet Henry was pulled from death row at a shelter in 'code red'. He needed eye surgery, as an issue with his eyelids was causing severe eye issues and infections," they wrote.

However, thanks to the incredible efforts of some dedicated animal lovers, Henry has been able to get the operation he so desperately needed.

The change the cat has undergone since is perfectly captured in the side-by-side image of the cat, before and after his life-changing transformation, which was shared as part of the post.

"Some amazing folks down in Texas pulled him, fostered him and fundraised for his life changing eyelid surgery," jujukamoo wrote.

"An amazing flight attendant volunteered to fly him to Boston on her day off (which turned out to be tricky with all the flight cancellations lately.)"

Now Henry is preparing himself for the exciting next step in his incredible journey.

"I found him the most perfect family in New Hampshire before he even arrived and they are coming to do a formal meet and greet this weekend to make sure they are a good fit," jujukamoo revealed.

Henry's story prompted a huge reaction on Reddit, with many fellow users reaching out to pay tribute to those who made his recovery possible.

BraveLilTurtles wrote: "Wow, so many people pulled together to give Henry a shot at the good life. It's amazing. Wish all the lonely, scared, hurting kitties in and out of shelters could be as lucky. Excellent work."

Droppedelbow concurred: "Thank you and all the people that made the effort to save him. I can't get over how handsome he is."

Betbuzzy26 agreed: "What a beautiful transformation. Thank you for everything and everyone involved to give him a second chance in life."

Redditkot wrote: "So glad his eyelid issue has been taken care of. They really suffer with it, as you can tell in the first pic. His eyes are beautiful. Congrats to everyone involved!"

Responding to the comment, the original poster jujukamoo said: "That picture was after a round of antibiotics too, honestly the picture in the shelter is a little upsetting how painful they looked, so I didn't post that. I can't believe the difference, he hardly looks like the same cat!"

Small ginger cat sat on floor
Stock image of ginger cat sitting on floor in a living room - a similar looking cat who was at death's door has made a miraculous recovery Maryviolet/Getty

One Reddit user, shezabel, correctly identified the cat's eye issue as "entropion" a condition in which one eyelid, usually the lower, turns inward causing lashes and skin to rub against the surface of the eye.

"Entropion is a horrible affliction," they wrote.

Original poster jujukamoo replied: "It really is. I usually rescue blind cats, so he was my first experience with entropion. I'm so glad he had a successful surgery and his sight is restored!"

Henry was first found at what is commonly termed as a kill shelter.

Kill shelters are animal shelters that accept all animals regardless of age, behavior or health conditions. However, these shelters are often forced to euthanize animals they are unable to rehouse in order to make room for others.

Newsweek has reached out to jujukamoo for comment.