71 Cats Rescued From Rural Motorhomes Littered With Faces and Urine

An animal rescue group has rescued a total of 71 cats and kittens from two motorhomes in Canada, prompting a call for donations to help.

The British Columbia Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) reported the troubling case on October 5.

It said the motorhomes were located in a rural area near Squamish, Canada, in what was referred to as a "hoarding situation."

The cats were being kept in desperate and unsanitary conditions, according to details revealed by the animal welfare group, with feces "piled up in their living space" and high levels of ammonia from urine. All of this was coupled with a lack of proper ventilation.

Cats were found in various locations in the two trailers, including inside cupboards, under furniture, and under the driver and passenger seats. Newborn kittens were huddled together on the floor.

Eileen Drever is a senior officer of protection at the BCSPCA. She said in a press release that since the animals were rescued, seven kittens had been born. A number of the cats are also suspected to be pregnant.

"As you can imagine, a seizure of this size puts a tremendous strain on our resources," she said. "We want to ensure that these poor animals get all the care and attention that they need and deserve."

She added: "We are currently also providing treatment for giardia and upper respiratory infection."

Most of the cats are friendly around humans, Drever said, adding that "a few of them are fearful, but they are coming around."

BCSPCA is accepting donations so that it can provide ongoing care for the cats.

The cats are not currently up for adoption, but people can check the group's website for updates and sign up to receive pet alerts.

It's not the first time in recent weeks that a significant number of animals have been rescued from a property.

Last month, authorities in Mesquite, Texas, rescued a total of 111 dogs from a single residential property—a heavy breach of the city's code, which permits a maximum of three per household.

The dogs were surrendered by the property owner and taken into shelter by the City of Mesquite's Animal Service Division. They were then made available to animal rescue shelters.

City official Maria Martinez said in a statement: "This was a successful rescue event, and we could not have done it without our hard-working City staff who acted quickly and with compassion, and our animal rescue partners."

The rescued animals were described as "small breed" dogs.

Cat in box
A stock photo shows a cat poking its head out of a carrying box at a vet. Over 70 cats have been rescued from sanitary conditions in two Canada motorhomes. herraez/Getty