Former Planned Parenthood President Says It's 'Game Over' for Trump If Women Vote in Full Force

If enough women show up to the polls in November, it could be "game over" for President Donald Trump. That's according to Cecile Richards, the co-founder of Supermajority and former president of Planned Parenthood.

In an interview with MSNBC on Thursday, Richards, who helps lead Supermajority, a self-described non-partisan organization promoting women's activism, said that if enough women show up to the polls, they could see Trump unseated.

Noting that 58 percent of cacucus-goers in Iowa were women, Richards said that if women made up the same number of voters in 2020, Trump would likely be pushed out of office.

"They don't make it easy for women to participate in the caucus system, so if you look at that, then look at who's showing up to vote, who's showing up to block walk, phone bank, that's what we're seeing at Supermajority," the former Planned Parenthood chief said.

"If 58 percent of the voters next fall are women, it's game over. it's going to change the direction," she said.

Richards said she believed there is an "enormous divide" in which many women see Trump as someone who "disrespects women," including, she said, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who Trump recently railed against after the speaker tore up his State of the Union speech moments after he delivered it.

"As we saw the other night at the State of the Union, he repeatedly lies about the state of women in this country after he's tried to take away maternity benefits, he's tried to repeal protection for pre-existing positions, so many things that women face every day."

.@CecileRichards tells @Lawrence that women are unseen and unheard in the Trump administration, and they're fired up to beat him in November: "58% of caucusgoers in Iowa were women... If 58% of voters next fall are women, it's game over."

— The Last Word (@TheLastWord) February 7, 2020

"I think that's why you're seeing women so motivated right now to be involved in politics and voting," Richards said.

"When I talk to women, listen to women across the country, they're dealing with child care costs that are often higher than college tuition, equal pay that we're not really making any progress on, " she said.

Meanwhile, women also have to be concerned about "the fear of losing access to health care, which is a women's issue."

Cecile Richards
Former President of Planned Parenthood, author Cecile Richards discusses the book 'Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead – My Life Story' Young Readers Edition at Build Studio on October 15, 2019 in New York City. Richards says it could be 'game over' from President Donald Trump if enough women show up at polls in the 2020 election. Gary Gershoff/Getty

Ultimately, Richards said: "I feel like women feel like they are unseen and unheard in this administration and...overwhelmingly oppose this president."

Noting the widening gender gap on feelings towards Trump, with the majority of women in a recent poll calling for the president to be impeached, Richards said these are the same women who "are highly motivated to be involved and to vote next fall."

Newsweek has contacted representatives for Richards for further comment, as well as the White House.