Video Shows Cecil's Lion Cubs Roaming Zimbabwe National Park

A vehicle carries visitors arriving at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park on August 2. Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

The cubs of Cecil, the iconic lion killed in Zimbabwe last month by an American hunter, appear to be alive and well in Hwange National Park, as seen in footage posted online by safari company African Bush Camps. There was fear the cubs might be killed by a new male lion trying to establish his dominance in the pride.

The seven cubs and three older lionesses believed to have been part of the pride led by Cecil are seen roaming the park in a video taken earlier this week. A statement posted to African Bush Camp's Facebook page says the cubs and lionesses "seemed calm and comfortable in their surroundings."

Dr. Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, paid wildlife guides $55,000 to shoot the 13-year-old lion with a crossbow. He was part of a hunting party that lured Cecil out of the park using an animal carcass and has said that he thought the hunt was legal. Theo Bronkhorst, a professional hunter who allegedly helped Palmer kill Cecil, and Honest Ndlovu, the owner of the farm where Cecil was killed, face poaching charges.

Cecil, who had a black mane, was a major tourist attraction at the Zimbabwean national park. He wore a GPS collar and was part of an Oxford University research project. His death sparked international outrage and debate about trophy hunting.

Palmer is in hiding and has not commented on the incident. He is sought by officials in Zimbabwe and under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.