If last summer's fad was the plain white T shirt, this year's is the instant-celebrity logo. Moments after watching Tom Cruise on "Oprah," West Hollywood artist Sheila Cameron designed one of the first FREE KATIE tees and sold more than 3,000 online. She followed up with I'M GLIB (a reference to the Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise spat) and TEAM PROZAC (for those who believe in drugs, not Scientology). Though the trend may have started with FREE WINONA and FREE MARTHA, it really took off when Eva Longoria wore I'LL HAVE YOUR BABY, BRAD in April. Now there's TEAM JOLIE, TEAM ANISTON (Aniston outsells Angelina 25 to 1 at shop kitson.com), FEED LINDSAY and--the newest ones--I WANNA BE YOUR NANNY and TEAM SIENNA. "It makes you feel like you're part of a club. You have to be 'on the in' to get it," says Stacey Pecor, owner of New York City boutique chain Olive and Bette's. Or maybe she's just being glib.