Celebrating the Wedding of William and Kate

Matt Dunham

She left Westminster Abbey with her prince, transmuted in prayer and vow from humble commoner to sensationally poised HRH. The iconic moment of Prince William’s light kiss on the lips of the newly minted duchess, formerly Ms. Kate Middleton, is captured inside this week’s NEWSWEEK on page 30. It’s a remarkable panoramic of the extended royal families along the balcony of Buckingham Palace. I was in London to comment for ABC, stationed outside Westminster with the gracious Robin Roberts. Thirty years ago, I watched the groom’s mother step out on that same balcony as the jubilant crowd roared for a kiss. Everything Diana had wished for her elder son has come to pass. He had found the woman who would bring him the personal contentment she lacked.

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, and threaded through the pages are a number of stories about women as powerfully unconventional in their own way as Diana. Pulitzer Prize winner Stacy Schiff, who wrote Cleopatra: A Life, reads the new book about Barack Obama’s mother and draws her own portrait of the woman who may have inspired more of his dreams than his father did. NEWSWEEK’s Mike Giglio tells the stories of the brave Saudi women who are standing up to the oppressive regime. Our My Turn column is written by a truly modern man who refutes the idea of ailing masculinity—the subject of our recent cover story “The Beached White Male”—and describes how he happily takes the back seat to his powerhouse wife, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. And what’s Mother’s Day without a nod to the ubiquitous Mama Grizzly? Howard Kurtz examines Sarah Palin’s popularity plateau. Happy Mother’s Day.