Century Plant Almost Two Stories High Is About To Flower in Texas

A century plant almost two stories high in a Texas neighborhood is about to flower for the only time in its life.

The bizarre plant, which is in the backyard of a Houston home, is causing a spectacle for local residents, KHOU 11 reported.

Although it looks like a normal agave plant at its base, this plant is growing an enormous stalk from its middle.

The century plant, also known as Agave americana, is a member of the asparagus family and is native to Mexico and Texas. The plants are highly drought resistant, meaning they can survive in hot temperatures, in direct sunlight, without much water.

Century plant
A stock photo shows a century plant blooming in its natural habitat. Another plant in a Texas neighborhood is over two stories high. Tim Speer/Getty Images

They are also called the "century plant" because of the long time they take to grow their stalks and eventually flower. Some of these stalks can grow to be over 30 feet long while leaves can reach 6 feet in length and 10 inches in width.

Despite the name, century plants do not usually take 100 years to bloom, with most taking between 8 and 30 years to reach maturity.

In a few weeks, the plant in Texas will stop growing and produce pale yellow or white flowers at its top.

And, although the Houston plant is already 21 feet high, it has not yet finished growing, KHOU 11 reported.

While century plants are common throughout Texas, it is rare for them to reach such an impressive size before flowering.

Once it has flowered, the plant will die.

The plants are monocarpic, meaning they only live to produce flowers once and die once they flowers. However, they leave smaller "pup" plants around their base.

Houston Botanic Gardens Horticulture Director Fran de la Mota told KHOU 11 that the stalk protruding from the plant's center looks very similar to the asparagus we buy at the grocery store.

"If we look at the flowering stem that's coming up, it actually does look like a giant asparagus," he told the news outlet. "The flowers are not very showy…The show is really more the size of the flower stalk because it is so gigantic compared to other plants."

According to KHOU 11, many passersby have stopped their daily activities to take a look at the plant in Houston, which is now growing so tall that is it impossible not to spot.

The leaves of century plants are incredibly sharp, making it tricky to get close to. However because of its height, people are spotting the Houston plant from a distance.

Some have even stopped to take pictures of the plant, KHOU 11 reported.