Who Won 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'? What Happened in the Paramount+ Finale

The Challenge: All Stars 3 has come to an end following an action-packed season finale.

The Paramount + series, hosted by T.J. Lavin, saw 25 contestants from previous instalments of The Challenge compete for two winning spots (and two $250,000 prizes).

Over the weeks those 25 contestants were whittled down to just eight spots in the grand finale.

But who walked away victorious?

Newsweek has everything you need to know about who won The Challenge: All Stars 3.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 final contestants
Contestants Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, Nehemiah Clark, Wes Bergmann, Nia Moore, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion and Kailah Casillas in the final of "The Challenge: All Stars 3". Paul Castillero/Paramount+

What Happened On The Challenge: All Stars 3 Finale?

The finale of The Challenge: All Stars 3 started with contestants Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, Nehemiah Clark, Wes Bergmann, Nia Moore, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion and Kailah Casillas kayaking across the ocean, exactly where viewers saw them when the last episode ended.

Once they arrived at their destination there was a nice nod to host T.J. as they took part in a game of 'King of the Hill', the first game T.J. hosted when he started on The Challenge in 2005.

To win 'King of the Hill' players stand on platforms in the middle of the ocean and need to push their opponents off.

After this game the players switched partners and were given 100 pounds of sandbags per pair to carry up a mountain. This marked the last challenge for the day, leaving Jonna in the lead with 24 points and Wes, with 22, in second place.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 season finale
Host T.J. Lavin speaks to the final contestants during the gruelling finale of "The Challenge: All Stars 3" Paul Castillero/Paramount+

The action began first thing the next morning when T.J. revealed that only six of the eight contestants would be moving forward in the competition. The four with the most points were automatically put through to the next stage, meaning Brad and Mark, and KellyAnne and Kailah faced off for the remaining two spots.

The duos had to work out a crossword puzzle to stay in the competition and ultimately Kailah and Brad remained in the competition.

After KellyAnne and Mark's eliminations the players were told that the rest of the competition would be carried out solo: no more partners.

Viewers then saw the final six taking part in an eating challenge that saw players have to eat two pounds of liver, crickets and other various animal parts to move forward.

Who Won The Challenge: All Stars 3?

Eventually, it was Wes and Jonna who were seen taking off on the winners' yacht with the prize money, leaving the others extremely disappointed.

The pair managed to make it to the yacht first, having been the quickest to complete the final building block challenge.

Wes and Jonna win The Challenge
After an action-packed finale, Wes and Jonna were crowned the winners of "The Challenge: All Stars 3". Paul Castillero/Paramount+

For Jonna this win is extra special as it makes her one of only a few contestants to win two seasons back to back, after also taking the crown in Season 2, where she was partnered with M.J. Garrett.

She is also the only contestant who is a mother to win two seasons.

Speaking about his winning partner, Wes said: "Jonna is a completely different challenger than when I played with her the first several times.

"She's a very impressive woman, and I've had a blast playing with her."

Will There Be A The Challenge: All Stars 4?

No announcement has been made yet about the possibility of a The Challenge: All Stars 4, however if you are looking for a fix of The Challenge, a brand new series, called The Challenge: USA, has just begun.

Participants in The Challenge: USA
"The Challenge: USA" sees 28 reality TV favourites battling it out to be champion CBS

The show, also hosted by T.J, features 28 contestants from shows like Love Island, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Survivor, all competing in physical challenges for a $500,000 prize.

The Challenge: USA airs on CBS at 9:30/ 8:30c on Wednesdays.