'Challenge' Star Cara Maria Sorbello Says Flirting with Kyle Was Strategic in 'Final Reckoning' Exclusive

Kyle Christie and Brad Fiorenza made Cara Maria Sorbello and Marie Roda's game harder during the challenge in Tuesday's episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. To show they wouldn't just take that, the women voted to send them into elimination even though they knew they'd likely be the only ones to do so and it wouldn't matter.

"They're threatened by me," Cara Maria told Newsweek of Brad and Kyle's move. They could have sabotaged one of the newer teams without any alliances in the house. "It was like a big slap in the face," she said, which was what led to her going to Kyle. She sat on his lap while talking about her feelings for him after the competitors went to the club and got drunk that night. Kyle thought he'd been pulling the strings, but it was really Cara Maria.

"Instead of me being a psycho, angry person … I even told all the producers—of course, they don't want to edit it that way—exactly what I was doing," the 32-year-old revealed. "I [said], 'I'm going to go f***ing suck it up. I'm going to milk it with Kyle. I'm going to play nice. I'm going to be really sweet in his ear.' There are feelings there, so some of that was real, but it was also strategy."

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Several people in the house planned to vote in Faith Stowers and Angela Babicz. "That was the plan going [into voting], but when I got in there and I saw Brad and Kyle's pictures come up, I was so angry," Cara Maria told Newsweek. "If you throw a grenade on us, why would we not give it back to you?"

Kyle and Brad found out about the vote and both told Cara Maria she was taking money from Brad's kids. "I thought that was pretty damn entitled. People like to throw the term entitled and whine about me all the time, which, bring the receipts because that's not accurate," she said. "You denied me a fair chance at trying to win a challenge that would've given me immunity. So you think you can do that to me and then the fact you have children, you're entitled to not be voted in? … Should you just be given the check? … If whoever comes onto the challenge has children, is that their ticket to the end?"

The three-time winner didn't like the guys' attitudes, especially since Kyle was also acting hypocritically. "I've got Kyle telling me I don't even deserve to complete, I don't deserve to be there, I don't deserve to win because I won Vendettas" earlier this year, she revealed. At the same time, he declared himself Team Johnny, even though Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio has won seven Challenges.

Despite their argument, Cara Maria doesn't consider her and Brad to be enemies. "I think he was annoyed with the Kyle situation and I think he didn't believe Britni was telling him the truth, and because I'm Britni's friend, he lumped me in with that," she said. Paulie Calafiore told Brad his girlfriend Britni Thornton slept with her partner and ex-boyfriend Chuck Mowery in the redemption house, though that wasn't true.

"I think Paulie's playing a really good mind game," Cara Maria said about that move. "He literally told them what he was going to do and Britni didn't even bring that up to Brad when he called her."

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.