A New Craze Is Brewing in Finland—the 1,000-can Pack of Beer

04_05_1000 beer_01
Helsinki grocery shop K-supermarket Löytis celebrated the first customers served with the 1,000-pack beer on April 28. K-supermarket Löytis/Facebook

A micro-brewery in Finland has unveiled a 1,000-pack of beer priced at over $2,000 that is proving a hit with Helsinki's technology start-up scene.

Independent brewer Nokian Panimo began selling the giant packs of pint-sized cans of Keisari lager at a supermarket on April 28, a few days ahead of May Day weekend.

May Day in Finland is a celebration of the beginning of summer and leads to carnival-like festivities across the Nordic nation.

At €2,149.20 [$2,345] per case, the multi-pack does not come cheap, but the price has not deterred Finnish beer-drinkers.

One of the shops that is stocking the beer welcomed its first sale of the pack by sharing a picture of the men who bought it.

"Three happy gentleman came in and pulled the whole caboodle aboard," the Helsinki-based supermarket wrote in a Facebook post.

Nokian Panimo told a local news outlet the idea for the pack started as a joke challenge to competitor Harwall, a much larger company that had launched a 100-pack of its 33cl (11.16oz) Karjala beer at the beginning of April.

But the 1,000-can multi-packs have proved to be a big hit with IT companies.

Marko Kuusniemi, at Finnish company Solinor, posted a picture of his purchase on Facebook on April 28 and May 4.

Technology company Qvik also splashed out. A picture widely shared on social media sees Pertti Kroger, software developer at Qvik, buying the pack at a supermarket conveniently located below the company's office.

Kroger brought a measuring tape with him to ensure the pack would fit in the lift before he paid for it, Finnish newspaper Iltalehti reported.

Man seen buying a 1000-pack of #beer in #Finland. https://t.co/FZiXB8UIBM pic.twitter.com/s8QL6euMC0

— Robin Ahlfors (@R0bquake) April 30, 2017

One of Qvik's employees, iOS developer Niko Halva, later tweeted a photo of the pack being brought into the office with the help of the supermarket clerk. "Eagle has landed" he said.

Eagle has landed. #1000päkki #keisari #vappu pic.twitter.com/b1BCaW5oGT

— Niko Hälvä (@nikohalva) April 28, 2017

The company also thanked the brewer in a tweet : "At last, we found the right size for May Day."