'The Challenge' Spoilers: Why Shane Wants to Vote in Johnny Bananas and Tony

Shane Landrum has a strategy to make his and his partner's vote for elimination count—but keep them out of Armageddon—on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. He tells his partner, Nelson Thomas, which team he wants to target in Newsweek's sneak peek of Tuesday's episode.

Shane has had it out for Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio this season, even starting a fight with Cara Maria Sorbello because she's friends with him. He wants to vote in Johnny Bananas and his partner, Tony Raines, but he doesn't think he and Nelson have anything to worry about if they do in the exclusive clip below.

"The boys will lie to us. We can only trust the girls," Shane tells his partner. There are three girls in his alliance: Ashley Mitchell, Amanda Garcia and Sylvia Elsrode. The four of them call themselves the Lavender Ladies because they were in a room of that color in 2017's Invasion of the Champions.

"I think it would be better if the group voted Johnny and Tony. If the whole group voted them in, they wouldn't choose us to go against them," Shane continued. "He's going to choose a weak team because he wants to win."

The teams cast their votes to select one of the set of partners competing in each elimination round on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. The team that wins that week's challenge gets two votes and is safe, but the losing players can select any other team that voted for them as their opponents.

While Shane may feel secure he and Nelson wouldn't have to compete against Johnny Bananas and Tony, there is a precedent for a team to select an enemy over a weaker team. For example, Natalie Negrotti decided she and Paulie Calafiore would face Kayleigh Morris and Kam Williams because Kayleigh outed her on social media. Paulie had wanted to go against Joss Mooney and Sylvia because they "got very, very drunk" the night before, he told Newsweek.

Though Shane hates Johnny Bananas, that's not why he wants him out of the game. "Bananas is excellent at challenges," he explains. "That's why I want him gone. He can beat me."

Even if a team loses in an elimination round, there's still a chance the two players can get back in the game. The losing team is sent to the redemption house, and the competitors there participate in their own elimination round that, if they win, means returning to the main game.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.