Expert Reveals Hack To Easily Change Duvet Cover Using 'The Burrito Method'

A hack showing how to make your bed in a few easy steps has hit social media. The technique, which has been dubbed "the burrito method," involves turning your duvet cover inside out and rolling it up with your duvet.

The hack, which was originally posted on Youtube in 2016 by The Rachael Ray Show, recently resurfaced on Instagram when luxury bed linen brand, Piglet in Bed, posted a video tutorial of it on the platform.

Most people should change their bedsheets and pillowcases once per week, and duvet covers every two weeks to a month, according to Sleep Foundation. People with pets are advised to change their beding every three to four days.

Burrito method
The new "burrito" bed making method has gone viral after it was shared by luxury bedding brand Piglet in Bed. Piglet in Bed

Rihannon Johns, interior designer and brand manager at Piglet in Bed, demonstrated the method. Start by laying the duvet cover inside out on the bed with the buttons at the bottom. Then lay the duvet on top of the cover and from the top end down, roll it together. Wrap the open end of the cover over and around the bedding tube so it meets. Hold on to the end and roll out the bundle to reveal the duvet is now inside the cover.

The public reaction to this hack has been quite mixed. Some people have praised the hack saying they'll give it a chance, while others have been more skeptical about it and even found it too difficult to emulate.

One user thrilled at the discovery commented: "This is the only way I do it too! it's so much easier". Another user said: "Brb saving this for future reference, so tired of being out of breath from putting the duvet on."

A user who found the hack particularly hard said: "I feel like I need to watch this at least 25 times before I'll figure out the tuck". Another skeptical user found it hard to believe that fitting a duvet cover could be that easy: "I've seen a few different ways of doing it, but I don't really get it, surely this takes longer than just shoving it in and giving it a shake?"

Some users have added tips or even shared their own hacks on what they believe are the best ways to fit a duvet cover while changing their beddings. A user tip which was praised by Piglet in Bed was to kneel on the bed and shuffle down while rolling the duvet, as she said this will help to keep the duvet evenly spread within the cover.

Another suggested a different method to the hack which they thought was much easier: "I mean there is a muuuuuch simpler way to do it. Duvet cover inside out, put your hands inside from the bottom and one hand in each of the two top corners, and grab the corners of the duvet then shake the duvet cover round the right way. Literally takes 10 seconds."