Channing Tatum Caught on Camera Straddling Fan at 'Magic Mike Live' Show

A video that shows Channing Tatum straddling a fan during a Magic Mike Live show in London has gone viral and left commenters green with envy.

The video was posted to TikTok over the weekend by Jessica Rose (@jessrosejones), who wrote: "Best birthday ever." So far, the post has racked up more than 1.6 million views and over 391,000 likes with hundreds of comments claiming the video inspired them to buy tickets to the show.

"POV: Channing Tatum sits on your lap during Magic Mike," read the video's text overlay.

The video opens with Tatum and Jones making eye contact. As soon as he sees her, the 21 Jump Street actor steps down from the stage and straddles Jones' lap.

"Hi," he said to Jones. "You good?"

The Step Up actor then grabs Jones' phone and passes it to the friend sitting beside her, who continues filming the interaction.

"I went to stop recording and he was like, 'no no you keep on filming'—hence the close up—then passed my phone to my bestie to take over," Jones clarified in the post's comments section.

"Film it, get the moment, but don't forget to experience it," the Magic Mike star told Jones as the crowd screamed.

Tatum addresses the crowd one final time before kissing Jones on the cheek and returning to the stage.

"Honestly the greatest night of my life," commented Jones. "MM is so worth it (even if Channing doesn't sit on your lap)."

According to the live show's official website, Magic Mike Live was "conceived and directed by" Tatum.

"Equal parts empowering and exhilarating, the 90-minute show is punctuated by unexpected, temperature-raising acts from a thrilling range of acrobatic and musical talent," the show's website described.

Shows are currently being offered in London and Las Vegas.

As it turns out, Jones isn't the first fan to make headlines with her Magic Mike Live experience. Earlier this week, Laguna Beach alum Kristen Cavallari was pulled onto the stage by one of the show's dancers, who proceeded to spread whipped cream on her neck and subsequently lick it off, according to an Instagram post from the official Magic Mike Live account.

"Good times," she commented on the post. "[T]hanks for having me!"

And last month, Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles received an "intimate" lap dance at one of the live shows in Vegas, the New York Post reported.

As previously stated, commenters were jealous of Jones' viral moment with Tatum and expressed also wanting to see the show.

"I've dreamed about this since I was 14 bye," wrote Micaela.

"I'm so mad I'm not you," said Jax.

TikToker jenateo771 tagged a friend and said: "We ARREEE going to one of these together."

Leah Bishop added: "Okay I have never been so jealous yet so happy for someone at the same time!!"

Update 03/10/2022 3:30 pm ET: This article has been updated to include that the video was filmed in London.

Channing Tatum
A video that shows Channing Tatum straddling a fan during a Magic Mike Live show has gone viral and left commenters green with envy. Ethan Miller / Staff/Getty