Charlyne Yi: The Hipster's Cougar Cub?

***UPDATE: When we penned this, we were using information from Yi's MySpace page, her IMDB listing and a handful of Sundance reviews of her film, "Paper Heart" -- all of which listed the comedian's age as 33 years. Some further reconnaissance uncovered the fact that Yi is more likely in her early to mid-20s -- though in a long-standing Hollywood actress tradition, nobody seems to know her true age. We have the suspicion that she's getting the last laugh, as we'll sheepishly eat crow for prematurely giving her the cougar crown. She may still be The Older Woman to Cera's barely-post-pubescence, but she's not exactly on par with "The Real Housewives" set. Yet.

The buzz around indie flick "Paper Heart" has been pretty substantial since the faux-documentary nabbed a screenwriting award at Sundance, and it's now getting buzzier -- the trailer's just been slapped up online, and egads! the movie blogs are going wild. For those just joining us, the film is a partially scripted take on the real-life relationship between comedians Charlyne Yi ("Knocked Up") and Michael Cera ("Arrested Development," "Juno"), interspersed with real-life interviews and puppet shows about the concept of love. It hits theaters August 7, and was acquired earlier this month by Overture.

But back to the teenybopper romcom's trailer. According to her MySpace page, Yi is 33, while Cera is just 20 years old. (And looks like he's 15, but I'll leave that aside for now). If this movie's plot actually aped that of "The Reader," or "The Graduate," or even those "Gossip Girl" episodes where Dan tepidly macks on his English teacher, I'd kinda get it. But this movie is about the discovery of young, hipster love. Hormonally fueled, learning-how-to-love love. Fumbly love. Isn't Yi a little long in the tooth to be training her love-doc camera on someone who can't legally drink? Whatever they do in their personal lives is beyond our judgment, but since we all have to see it at the multiplex, I'll just say it (with Nick Hornby's help): doesn't it look more like owner and pet than it does boyfriend and girlfriend?

A second opinion from someone more with-it, but no less judgmental? From Joshua: "Like Andy Milonakis before her, Yi's in [reportedly] her 30s and looks like a 12-year-old. And she has that doofy, faux-slow thing she does in her comedy. I don't think she really belongs in a relationship with anyone older than 20. In fact, I think 20 is a little old for her."

Which would make a guy who's 20 but looks 15... perfect?