Cheap Ways to Get Mental Health Care Fast: Online and Home Options Can Start Recovery Journey

The idea of getting help for mental health issues can be scary. Where do you start? Is what you're going through worth therapy? The truth is, there are no standards for what does and does not qualify as a reason to get help. If you're feeling worn down, depressed, anxious or just like you need to sort your thoughts out, taking those steps may be worthwhile for you.

Luckily, mental health resources are becoming more accessible than ever. Whether you're struggling to find time to fit some self care into your schedule, or you're just not ready to share your feelings face-to-face with a therapist, there are alternatives. Here are some of the easiest, and most affordable ways to get help as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Text Therapy

If you're struggling to find time for in-person, or even video therapy, you can get immediate help anytime through your mobile phone. But does text therapy really work? According to studies by Columbia University and the National Library of Medicine, it does. You can exchange messages with licensed therapists for as little as $49 a week. That's far less expensive than a typical, weekly session with a therapist, which can cost anywhere from $75 to $400 per visit. All of the same, profession-wide standards, including confidentiality, apply. Visit for more information.

Video Chat Therapy

If you're looking for more of a personal way to connect with a licensed counselor in the comfort of your home, can help. From psychologists and therapists to social workers, an abundant list of resources is waiting to help you overcome anything from stress to addiction, or grief. Plans at Better Help vary, but start at $40 per week. A financial aid application is available.

Crisis Text Line

For more serious cases, and those who are having dark thoughts, immediate options are available. You can text the Crisis Text Line and be instantly connected with an operator, ready to help you through the difficult moment you're facing. Just text 741741 to get started with the 24-hour line. Your assigned counselor will not only help you through the moment, but will be able to recommend resources to help you feel better each day. You should know, your first response from the hotline will be automated, but that's just to connect you with the right counselor. Standard text messaging rates apply, but otherwise, it's free.