Cheating Sister-in-Law Slammed for Demanding Half of Husband's Cash Gift

A woman has been slammed for demanding half of her ex's monetary gift, despite ending the relationship to be with another man.

In a Mumsnet post of February 20, user WhatsTheGistPhysicist explained that she is waiting for her brother's divorce to be finalized before giving him a monetary gift.

Senior woman reading letter
A stock image of a senior woman reading a letter. A Mumsnet user has posted that her brother's ex has been demanding half of his monetary gift. PIKSEL/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The poster wrote that his ex-wife had an affair and left for the other man, but their relationship was short-lived and she has since tried to get the brother back.

"SIL [Sister-in-law] has since got wind of this and has [sent] demanding solicitor letters wanting to know exact amounts, payment dates, etc. The latest letter contains bank details so I can pay SIL 'her 50 percent directly to expedite the process'. I have obviously ignored all letters," she wrote.

The poster then points out the ex-sister-in-law turned to Facebook to "rant".

"[She is] claiming that I am being financially abusive to her - a single mother with 3 kids to support - and that I am trying to swindle her out of what is rightly hers!" wrote the Mumsnet user.

In the comments, other users called the sister "vindictive" and accused her of "punishing" the children and forcing the family of four "into poverty."

The Mumsnet user added: "She also blamed me for my DB [darling brother] "leaving her high and dry" as I've apparently poisoned him against trying to repair the relationship."

In the comments, the woman explained why she has decided to give her siblings a monetary gift. She pointed out they haven't got any inheritance and she has a "life-limiting illness which means I won't see old age and is also the reason I have decided against having children."

Derek Jacques, who works for The Mitten Law Firm in Southgate, Michigan, told Newsweek about the Mumsnet post.

Jacques said: "If you want to leave a monetary gift to someone who is going through a divorce, the No. 1 consideration is the state law. Some states are community property states, which means that any inheritance you receive during the course of your marriage is considered marital property.

"If you do not live in a community property state, the situation becomes more complicated," Jacques added. "In these situations, if you commingle your inheritance money with other marital assets, your spouse may be entitled to a portion of the inheritance funds.

"If you can prove that a particular portion of the mixed asset is your own separate inherited property, then your spouse may not be entitled to any of the inheritance money."

Almost 200 Mumsnet users have commented on the post, and 99 percent of more than 1,650 respondents have voted "you are not being unreasonable."

"She's living in dreamland! You can do whatever you want to with your own money and owe her nothing. What a lovely thing to do for your siblings," wrote one user.

Another posted: "Ignore her. It's simple. Cut her off completely and block her Facebook. Who cares what she thinks? She put herself in this position when she thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence."

"You aren't being unreasonable. Ignore her. Divorce brings out the worst in people. Wait until the divorce is done and dusted, then when your brother is faced with a reduced pension or buying a new home with a small deposit, help him with those instead," wrote another Mumsnet user.

Newsweek was not able to verify the details of the case.

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