Cheeky Bear Filmed Stealing Pizza From Two Kentucky Men in Crazy Video

A cheeky bear has been filmed stealing a take out pizza from two Kentucky men in a crazy video.

In the footage, posted by Jim's Ky outdoors' TikTok account, kycatmanoutdoors, a black bear can be seen entering a building in Harlan County on CCTV. The camera then cuts to an outdoor patio, where two men can be seen eating a take-out pizza on a table.

The two men appear to notice something in the distance, and stay very still. At first, they attempt to move the pizza box out of the bear's reach. A shadow then appears to the side of the screen, and the bear appears. It stands up on its hind legs, and grabs the pizza box.

Black bears are the most common bear encountered in Kentucky. There are around 1,000 bears in the state, and the population is growing. Most of the population lives along the Cumberland, Pine and Black Mountain areas. Occasionally bears wander into residential areas in search of food.

The bear can be seen dragging the pizza down to the floor. The two men stand up and watch it for a second. Other people in the area can be seen keeping their distance, watching the incident unfold.

In a second video, the bear can be seen feasting on the pizza, which had spilled out onto the floor.

"When bears like your pizza more than you, you let them have it!!!!!" Jim's Ky said in a caption to the video.

The two men can be seen watching the bear from a distance as it continues to feast on the pizza.

"See that? He just stole my pizza I just had delivered," a man can heard saying in the background.


When bears like your pizza more than you, you let them have it!!!!! #bear #harlancounty #606 #mountainlife

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Black bears have slowly begun returning to Kentucky over the past 20 years.

Although this bear didn't seem bothered by the men, human food is a large cause of human-bear conflicts across the U.S. Bears won't often seek to attack humans unless they feel threatened or provoked in some way.

Bears that have become food conditioned are more likely to attack a human. Those animals have become used to human food sources, usually in the form of trash or pet food being kept within easy reach.

Bears can usually be scared off with loud noises, but the food-conditioned ones tend to lose their fear of humans, meaning they are bolder in approaching people.

If a bear feels like a human is standing in the way of its food, it might attack.

Black bear
A file photo of a black bear. A bear was recently filmed stealing a take out pizza from two men. Henry-Luis Lapointe-Guevara