Chef Creates Epic McDonald's Wrap Full of Fries, McNuggets and Quarter Pounders

An inventive fast food enthusiast has gone viral thanks to his latest creation: a McDonald's wrap filled with some of the restaurant's most popular menu items.

Josh Durnion has made something of a name for himself on TikTok where he regularly posts clips as the self-proclaimed "Wrap God."

His videos stick to a straightforward enough format, with each one seeing the Scottish foodie tasked with taking a familiar dish or food item and turning it into an even more appetizing wrap.

While his methods are often extreme and the results are likely to be hazardous to your health, the end results are also, more often than not, unashamedly appealing with Durnion crafting some of the most inventive and decadent wraps to ever hit the worldwide web.

Nothing is off limits with the Wrap God, who has transformed everything from a full lasagna to a roast dinner into a delicious looking wrap.

Fast food is definitely on the menu too, with everything from KFC to Subway getting the Wrap God treatment.

However, until recently, Durnion had shied away from going all out with a McDonald's themed wrap, despite being inundated with requests from fans.

That all changed, however, after the Wrap God hit one million followers on TikTok.

Eager to do something to mark the occasion, he set about creating the ultimate McDonald's wrap—and it did not disappoint.

His video can be watched here.


Thank you for 1 million! Here’s a 1 mil special😏hope you enjoy❤️ #wrapgodwraps #mcds

♬ original sound - The Official Wrap God

Requiring four tortillas rather than his traditional two, the McDonald's wrap consists of a literal feast of goodies from the popular fast food outlet.

Three large portions of fries, nine McNuggets, 10 chicken selects and a further two quarter pounder cheeseburgers made up the heart of this gut-busting one-off.

Spread out across four tortillas, the Wrap God truly does work in mysterious ways, as fans noted when he proceeded to slather his wrap's contents in McDonald's curry sauce.

All that was left to do from there was grill the resulting concoction before posing for the money shot.

In what has become a tradition in the Wrap God's videos, once toasted the wrap is then sliced in two in order to give viewers a look at a cross section of the contents inside.

While the resulting wrap may have some salivating, it was not without its challenges, as Durnion proceeded to demonstrate in the video, which sees him struggle to get his mouth around his new creation.

Whether the Wrap God succeeded in consuming the entire creation is unclear but his efforts certainly struck a chord with fans.

His video, which was first posted on Sunday, has been viewed more than 3.9 million times on TikTok, making it one of his most popular efforts to date.

Durnion isn't the first would-be chef to get creative when it comes to McDonald's.

A few weeks ago, another chef went viral after sharing his unique method for consuming chicken McNuggets, a method he claims is the best way to enjoy them.

Newsweek has reached out to the Wrap God for comment.

A McDonald's quarter pounder with fries.
A Quarter Pounder McDonald's hamburger and fries. Just two of the ingredients in one Scottish fast food enthusiast's epic new creation. Scott Olson/Getty

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