Chef Swears by This Bizarre McDonald's Hack for Eating Chicken Nuggets

An intrepid chef has shared what might be the boldest McDonald's menu mashup yet.

Australian baker Jonny Massaad has left his fellow foodies divided after unveiling a bold new hack for eating chicken McNuggets.

According to the 22-year-old, we've been eating the popular poultry bites wrong this entire time.

To his way of thinking, the best way to enjoy McDonald's chicken nuggets is to combine them with the casing of an apple pie from the Golden Arches.

Served up alongside the fast food outlet's sweet and sour sauce, Massaad believes the resulting creation is "the best way to eat your chicken nuggets."

"It's so crunchy, please try it" he told fans in a video posted to the Cake Mail Instagram page.

In the clip, Massaad explains how best to combine the two menu items to maximum effect, beginning with ordering three McNuggets and an apple pie.

First take a large pair of scissors and cut one end off the pie casing.

Next, using a fork, scoop out all of the hot apple filling.

Finally take the three nuggets and, one at a time, gently slide them into the now empty apple pie casing, taking care not to rupture it.

Now it's simply a case of dipping one end into a pot of sweet and sour sauce and enjoying the resulting mix of flavors.

"This maccas hack has blown our minds," a caption posted alongside the video reads.

But while Massaad may be convinced by his latest culinary offering, others online appeared less so.

"Rank," wrote gargamiller.

"NOOOO BROOO WHY," michael_nasss also commented.

Golldcrossant, meanwhile, asked: "Is it the lock down that does this to you?"

There were some, however, who were quite taken by his inventive McDonald's mashup, believing that the unique mix of flavours would create something truly appetising.

Sophie Monk responded with a simple "Yummmm" to the video.

Dette1980 was similarly effusive, writing "YES!!!!" alongside the clip.

Seljanozan also agreed, commenting "Need to try this."

Plenty remained on the fence and were willing to at least keep an open mind to the idea.

Cakes_Cakes_Cake wrote: "Would try this...."

Another user, whitney.maree asked her friend pfugaro "Would u try it!?

"Anything Mcs" came the response.

Thecasualfoodblogger, meanwhile, commented "aha I feel like this would actually taste amazing."

First posted to Instagram on August 3, Massaad's video has now been viewed more than 37,000 times and liked by over 1,800 fellow fast food fans.

Massaad told Newsweek he has always had a fascination with combining McDonald's and stands by his latest culinary creation.

"I always like to experiment with McDonald's products," he said.

"The apple pie is iconic so I thought to combine it with chicken nuggets to add a savory element to the iconic crispy crust. I have been doing this for a while now. I genuinely think it just adds something else to chicken nuggets! The extra crunch"

A dozen chicken nuggets
A stock image of chicken nuggets - one creative McDonald's fan has come up with a divisive new menu hack. Baibaz/Getty

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