Chemistry Is Not Boring: Video Proof

Via Andrew Sullivan, a fun little video about the elements. (If one finds same-sex slow dancing NSFW, this video is NSFW.)

The website featured at the end of the video is for a careers page at the European Commission's research department. I was hoping for something a little cooler from a link that ended with "MarieCurieActions." Still, Europe always have the cooler, sexier science and health ads: even their chemistry help-wanted ads are sexy.

"Playing Safely," the online safe-sex ad campaign sponsored by The United Kingdom's National Health Service, was a thing of genius (but since disabled, so you'll have to trust my current memory and my early-20s sense of humor, unless some internet superstar can find a cached version somewhere). The site that's taken its place is 100 times slicker and more interesting than the United States' government-sponsored safe-sex website, but that's only because the US does not have a government-sponsored safe-sex website—at least, not one that comes up on the first few Google clicks. And since my attention span at 4:30 pm closely resembles the attention span of a sex-obsessed teenage boy, I feel confident in saying a site that far buried in a search queue does no good to anyone.