Adorable Video Shows Paraplegic Dog Falling Asleep While Relaxing in Pool

The adorable moment a paraplegic dog fell asleep during her swim therapy has gone viral, racking up over five million views online.

The video captured 16-year-old Chewie, who has a neurological deficit that leaves her unable to walk unaided. Chewie can be seen in the pool with a floatie around her neck, allowing her to relax.

"The warm water feels so good to old bones," wrote Chewie's owner, Jana Tuchin, in the video. The water felt so good in fact that Chewie fell asleep while floating in the water. Moments later she's shown with her eyes closed and head adorable slightly to the side.

Born on December 31, 2004, Chewie came into Tuchin's life at just the right time—just after her husband passed away. "My co-worker showed up with a box of puppies. They said that Chewie chose me. My mind is foggy about the first couple of years but Chewie was always by my side," she told Newsweek.

While attending young widows group counseling, Tuchin came across therapy dogs, and decided she wanted to do something with her dog too. She began grief group with Chewie on Mondays, agility classes on Tuesdays and obedience, bridge and target on Wednesday and Fridays.

"We went to dog camp and then joined flyball, Dock Dogs (aquatic competitive dog sport) and lure coursing. Who knew there was a whole dog world out there?" said Tuchin, who was suffering with PTSD and anxiety when she first homed Chewie.

"Chewie and I attended competitions and practices every weekend. So many titles, so many ribbons. We traveled all the way to Nashville and Iowa," she added.

"I [also] got an order from my doctor and our obedience trainer got busy training us in all psychological disorder service tasks for dogs. She did our testing - things like escalators and no peeking under the stalls while in restrooms." Chewie was soon classed as a service dog, and was allowed to come to work with Tuchin.

At 13, Chewie had to retire, after she slowed down and developed a neurological issue. "The doctor had Chewie drop out of agility first because of the angle of the obstacles. Chewie couldn't chase a thrown ball but she could be sent for a placed ball," said Tuchin.

"Flyball was the last sport for Chewie. Her neurological deficit was progressive but not painful, but very hard to watch when her legs would go out and she drag herself."

Swimming, laser, acupuncture and Keeper have managed to aid Chewie during her retirement since and have "kept her feisty."

Walkin' Pets reports that hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial to paraplegic pets: "With the added buoyancy of the water, pressure is removed from your dog's body making movement easier and your pet can exercise all of its legs even if it cannot bear weight or has poor balance."

In the winter, Chewie swims twice a week at Rummy Beach Club in Texas, but in the summer they swim every day. While on-land, she has a quad doggy wheelchair and a "a wagon pimped out for her to go on walks."

As her TikTok name would suggest, Tuchin is also a pet mom to a dog named Keeper—a 10-year-old Labrador who is just as adorable, and a tabby cat named toby. Videos shared to TikTok show the pair of dogs swimming together, though Keeper doesn't require the assistance of floatation vests.

"Our Flyball friend posted about a Labrador that was four months old and was given up because the family couldn't handle her. My Flyball coach, captain and dear friend took me to temperament test the puppy. She said, 'she is a Keeper.' That was 2010," explained Tuchin.

With so many people falling in love with Chewie, the video has gained supportive comments across social media.

"That is the most heart-warming thing i've seen all day," wrote one viewer,

"I was not prepared to cry," commented another.

Two dogs during swim therapy
Keeper and Chewie during swim therapy. Jana Tuchin