How the Firefox Browser Became a Call to Action for Some Bears Fans

After Soldier Field witnessed a miserable defeat to a depleted Green Bay Packers on Sunday, some Bears fans have begun calling for the end of the John Fox reign.

Fox’s Bears may have had the more talented quarterback against the Packers for once and they had a defensive unit on the rise. They also had an extra week to prepare for the game. But none of that mattered and they still lost 23-16, and many of the fans have seen enough.

Fox, they say, has to go—and they have found a unique way of expressing this opinion. Across social media, many Bears fans have added a new avatar on their Twitter accounts, adopting the logo of the Firefox web browser by Mozilla.  

It was too easy for the Bears fans; a realisation that the logo reflected their view just perfectly, that Fox’s time at Chicago was done and that he must be fired. Now in his third season as  coach, Fox has a losing record of 12-29 during his time with the team, plus 1-5 against the Packers. 




While that run may not be entirely his fault, the head coach is usually the fall guy. But Fox’s position still doesn’t appear to be in danger, a view he certainly seems to hold.

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“I’ve been doing this too long,” he said, as quoted by the Associated Press. “I’ve never worried about my job security, and I won’t start going forward.”

The pressure on Fox seemed to tell on Sunday, though, as he lost his cool with a line judge over a call. But for now, Fox would do well to stay away from social media to vent his anger. And if doesn't, he’ll probably be better off using Google Chrome.

John Fox John Fox at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 29. Wesley Hitt/Getty