Chicago Installs Hundreds of Bleeding Control Kits Amid Rising Violence

The city of Chicago has installed 426 wall-mounted "bleeding control kits" in 269 buildings around the city. The kits are part of the city's new "Safe Chicago" program which attempts to reduce violence in Chicago.

Each kit can treat up to eight victims and includes gauze, gloves, tourniquets, shears, and an instruction manual to utilize before first responders arrive. Chicago's Office of Emergency Management hopes this will be able to "bridge the gap between initial life-threatening injury and EMS arrival."

The kits are part of a new program called OEMC's "Safe Chicago," a partnership between OEMC and Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, and Assets and Information Services (AIS).

"As we prepare to protect everyone we love in advance of possible disasters, OEMC is introducing the Safe Chicago public safety program, installing life-saving kits in City of Chicago properties," OEMC officials said. "To be there when needed for active shooter incidents, workplace accidents, and other emergency situations requiring immediate medical attention before first responders arrive."

OEMC hopes these kits will help with "life-threatening bleeding emergencies" resulting from "falls, penetrating injuries, gunshot wounds, and more." The kits have been placed in various buildings around the city including public libraries, city hall, medical clinics, senior centers, and other city-owned or leased buildings.

OEMC Executive Director Rich Giudice said this plan just adds another "layer of security and protection" to the city of Chicago.

Last month was the deadliest September the city has seen since the early 1990s according to police data. There were 89 recorded homicides in Chicago in September which brought the 2021 count up to 2,726 shootings and 616 homicides.

According to the Chicago Police Department, overall crime is down in the city but violent crime is up about four percent compared to the first nine months of 2020. The police data showed 109 killings making it the deadliest September the city has seen since 1992, WTTW reported.

"We're living in different times. And we're doing our best to adapt to the environment that we're living in," Guidice said.

Chicago Installs Bleeding Control Kits
The city of Chicago is installing more than 400 bleeding control kits around the city. The kits each include eight tourniquets, gauze, gloves, shears, and an instruction manual. FotoDuets/Getty Images

Each kit cost approximately $500 and the kits were purchased through a federal Urban Areas Security Initiative grant, NBC5 reported. According to OEMC, they plan on installing more bleeding control kits in various transportation stations and public parks.

Chicago Police are also working on a new program that targets gun trafficking and homicide in the city. The new program introduces up to $10,000 for anonymous tips that lead to homicide arrests, and $3,000 for tips about an individual buying or selling 10 or more guns.

CPD said the vehicular hijacking task force has already recovered over 9,300 illegal firearms this year. According to the department, that is over a 17 percent increase since 2020.