Chicago Man Sets Stolen Truck on Fire After Nearly Striking Security Guard

An Illinois man is currently in police custody after nearly striking a local parking security guard and setting a stolen Cadillac SUV on fire in Downtown Chicago.

On Wednesday, Timothy Barfield, 27, was arrested on the Red Line transit platform in Chicago. Barfield is charged with arson causing more than $150 in damage, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle, all of which are felonies.

Barfield was attempting to leave a parking structure in downtown Chicago on August 17. As he drove up to the security booth inside the structure, he told the security officer that he "did not have any money to pay for the parking ticket," according to Chicago police.

After Barfield and the security officer's brief exchange, the security guard manually lifted the parking gate arm so he could "gather the vehicle information," Chicago Police Officer and spokesperson Jessica Rocco told the Chicago Tribune.

A picture of a burning SUV
A Chicago man is currently in police custody after nearly striking a local parking security guard and setting his truck on fire in Downtown Chicago. This undated image shows a burning SUV. Getty Images

"The offender accelerated and the victim was able to move out of the way," Rocco said.

After driving away from the parking structure, the man allegedly exited the stolen SUV, set the vehicle on fire, and fled the scene.

Barfield will appear in front of a local judge on Thursday for a bond hearing.

Chicago has recently experienced an uptick in crimes in the downtown area, specifically related to theft and violence.

On August 16, Chicago police issued a warning regarding a group of teenagers who were allegedly attacking and robbing random people in the city during different parts of the day.

Over the weekend, a woman was waiting for the bus when she was surrounded by eight to 10 teenagers overnight. One of the teens in the group allegedly pulled out a BB gun, attacked the woman and left her on the ground.

In another incident, a man and woman who were walking downtown were approached by a group of nine teenagers who demanded money. The pair were allegedly attacked by the group, who fled on foot after the crime

Another robbery was reported to local authorities involving a group of teens.

The suspects are boys and girls between 14 and 19 years old. Chicago Police have arrested six suspects, but up to 10 teenagers are involved in the aforementioned crimes. Police are urging residents to "put their phones down and be aware of their surroundings at all times, during the day and night."