Airbnb Rap Video Shoot With up to 200 People Results in Multiple Arrests, More Than 20 Guns Seized

Four men were arrested in Chicago yesterday after allegedly resisting arrest as police tried to disperse an over-capacity video shoot for a rap song, authorities said.

The suspects were detained shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday. Officers from the Chicago Police Department responded to the 1200 block of North Milwaukee Avenue after receiving reports about a party that was taking place inside an Airbnb rental, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Police received a tip that over 150 people were gathered there and that dozens of them had been seen brandishing guns live on social media.

"Officers formulated a plan and made entry into the building where individuals streamed out of the building, pushing and fighting police, discarding weapons as they fled," police said in a release shared online.

"A systematic search of the building yielded a total of 24 handguns and one semi-automatic, short barrel rifle."

The department said the four arrested men each had prior convictions, while local media reported that about 200 people were later found to be at the Illinois rap video shoot.

During a court appearance on Sunday, prosecutors said the men resisted as police tried to disperse the crowds after confirming the situation violated city capacity regulations. An image that was posted to social media showed a vast collection of weapons that were seized.

According to the Tribune, one man is accused of shoving an officer. Another man was subdued with a stun gun after pushing an officer into a colleague. A third man pushed an officer, and a fourth grabbed a railing while being escorted from the building.

Overnight, #ChicagoPolice crashed a gang-related party in 1200 Blk of N. Milwaukee Ave & seized over 20 illegal guns. 5 people of interest have been detained & are being questioned by detectives. Trace investigation into guns to see if they are linked to other crimes is underway

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) February 1, 2020

The suspects were identified as Alexander Raeland, 41, Martrell Williams, 22, Lamont Clay, 27 and James Holmes, 25. Raeland and Williams were each charged with one felony count of aggravated battery of a police officer. The remaining two men faced additional charges.

Clay is now facing one felony count of resisting/obstructing a police officer and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. Holmes is facing one felony count of aggravated battery of a police officer and three misdemeanor counts of allegedly resisting /obstructing an officer.

Holmes was held on a $5,425 bail, while the remaining three suspects were released on personal recognizance bonds, the Tribune reported following the court appearance.

A fifth person was initially detained but later released without charge.

Anthony Guglielmi, the police department's Chief Communications Officer, published the two images of firearms from the incident to his Twitter profile yesterday. He said investigators are now checking if the large collection of weapons is linked to any other crimes.

Airbnb, which thanked the police department for "getting illegal weapons off the street," has been trying to combat the use of its short-term rental service for so-called "party houses."

Late last year, a shooting inside an Airbnb property in California left five people dead, sparking the company to enact new rules on how homes are used for large gatherings.

"Any type of unauthorized party—meaning a party thrown by guests without the knowledge or consent of the host—remains prohibited in all listings," it said in a December blog.

That has not stopped outbreaks of violence in its listed homes, however. On Saturday, Toronto police confirmed that three people had been shot dead at an Airbnb-rented apartment.

Airbnb has been contacted for comment about both cases.

Seized guns from rap video shoot -Chicago Police
Police said more than two dozen firearms were seized from the rap video shoot bust, which resulted in four men being arrested after allegedly resisting arrest. Chicago Police Department