Chicago Top Cop Blames Lenient Courts for Crime Wave After 70 People Shot Over Weekend

The Chicago Police Department's top cop recently blamed the city's recent crime wave on lenient courts, after 70 people were shot over the weekend.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown said during a recent press conference that while the police department has continued to show courage in battling the city's crime wave, "violent offenders need more serious consequences in our courts."

Brown continued, "What we can do different is challenge the courts to render Chicago safe....Holding offenders in jail longer, not releasing murderers back into our community. That's what we can do different."

Brown also called on members of the media to question courts in the city the same way they question the Chicago Police Department.

"You should be adversarial to the courts. Use the same energy you just asked me that question to ask the courts," Brown said. "Why are you releasing violent people, dangerous people that Chicago police officers arrest and charge, back into these communities to create this environment of lawlessness, that we're seeing here."

Brown also said that he'd handle violence differently in the city, such as not releasing murders back into the city "on electronic monitoring."

"There's people AWOL from electronic monitors. We would fund the sheriff much more. So he would have a capacity to manage electronic monitoring program challenge any and all documents that support releasing violent people," Brown said.

Brown's comments come after the department reported that at least 70 people were shot in the city over the weekend.

According to data from the Chicago Police Department, there were at least 52 shooting incidents from Friday to Sunday, including a police-involved shooting on Sunday.

Among the 70 individuals shot over the weekend, 12 died.

The city faced a similar situation during the previous weekend, when 56 people were shot, 12 of whom died.

During a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the rising crime rate in Chicago and President Joe Biden's plans to combat it.

"When there's been rising crime rates across the country, including Chicago, for 18 months or more...unfortunately, it's not going to turn on a dime," Psaki said. "We are working with Chicago. It's one of the five cities we're working with. The Department of Justice has a group in [Chicago] to address the selling of guns that are getting into the hands of people that shouldn't have them.

"We're working closely with the mayor and elected officials. They've benefited a huge amount from the federal assistance and funding that the president fought to include in the American Rescue Plan. And what our hope is, is that we can work in partnership to bring crime down, save more people, and in cities like Chicago, we know gun violence is a big driver of that."

The Chicago Police Department said they had no further comment after Newsweek reached out.

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Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown recently blamed the city's crime wave on lenient courts. Scott Olson/Getty