Chicken 'Tunnel' Turns Heads in Viral Clip: 'Bravo'

Chicken owners are being praised online for their homemade "tunnel" used to protect their animals from hawks.

The viral TikTok revealing the invention, captioned, "We have eagles and hawks near our house, so we built a tunnel for the chickens to get from one run to the other #chicken #chickens #newyork," has been viewed 544,200 times and liked 70,900 times since it was shared on April 26.

The 20-second clip that was posted by TikToker @cmb418, or Kristina418, began with the woman filming a chicken walking inside a small tunnel enclosure made of wire fencing that stood about two feet from the ground as the song "Chicken Yeah!" by Parry Gripp played.

The fence provided protection from predators as the chicken, along with a few others, made their way in a single file towards a run, which is a space where chickens are kept outdoors.

The tunnel fence was separated on either side by another chicken run. Green stakes were then used to support the fencing connecting them every couple of feet.

Chickens on poultry farm
A chicken "tunnel" is turning heads in a viral TikTok video. Above, chickens on a free-range poultry farm. MONTICELLLO/GETTY

Chicken tunnels aren't a new concept for people who keep chickens. These tunnels are also known as "chunnels," which add protection from predatory birds while also ensuring the chickens can move around freely. A way to enhance the tunnel is to put it near gardens. The birds will take care of any weeds while giving the chickens additional space and nutrients, according to Good Life Permaculture.

"We built a tunnel for the chickens to keep them safe from hawks when they go from one area to another," the screen read in text overlay.

The camera panned to show a few chickens walking inside the enclosure while also highlighting a sign stationed in the middle that read, "Chicken Crossing."

Next, the chickens walked to the other side of the tunnel back the way they first came. However, one of the chickens seemed to follow the TikToker back in the other direction before the video cut off.

The TikToker shared another video of a hawk going after one of the chickens in their yard in a clip from last November. Luckily, a few hens came to the rescue, scaring off the hawk before it could do any damage or cause any injuries.

Over 1,000 comments poured in over the chicken tunnel idea, with people thinking it's a smart way to keep chickens safe.

Some people had jokes about the viral chicken enclosure. "This is awesome!" a TikToker said. "Drive-thru chicken."

Others praised the TikToker for her efforts. "This is how you keep pets and wildlife safe," a viewer added. "Bravo!"

While the TikToker isn't the only one with a chicken tunnel. "We have one too and planted [trailing] plants around it," a viewer said.

Another viewer called the tunnel a "chicken highway interstate" and added: "Please tell me you're gonna put up cute chicken signs and mile markers for them."

Although one person called the tunnel "brilliant" while revealing they "love the way they 'single file' their way through the tunnel," they revealed they could see themselves "falling over it in the dark."

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @cmb418 for comment.

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