Chihuahua Desperately Tries To Stay Awake and 'Party Hard' in Relatable Struggle

A viral TikTok video of a Chihuahua struggling to stay awake and "party hard" at a social gathering has won a legion of fans online.

Dogs are among some of the most active pets out there, with many prepared to run rings around their owners for hours until they start to feel tired. But others are more than content to find a nice spot somewhere in the house, curl up and snooze for hours at a time.

The viral TikTok clip, which can be seen here, was shared by user beyondthegrid_ and shows the perfect moment when a tuckered pooch tries its hardest to stay awake so it does not miss out on the fun.

As the 12-second clip starts, a text overlay reads: "My brother's dog tried to stay up and party hard with us (laughing emoji)."

The video then slowly zooms in on the Chihuahua as it sits next to a man by a table and struggles to keep its eyes open. With each passing second, it appeared more and more likely that the dog would suddenly fall asleep right where it was sitting.

Since being uploaded on March 11, the clip has attracted more than 289,100 likes and some 2,350 comments. Unsurprisingly, the clip also went on to be viewed an impressive 1.9 million times.

TikTok users were quick to race to the comment section with many sharing posts that praised the little pooch.

One commenter jokingly said: "He's not sleeping, he's just taking extra long blinks."

Another user wrote: "Love how no one is pressuring him to keep going."

A third posted: "My dog's just like him and does the same thing."

There were also other TikTok users who projected their own feelings onto the exhausted dog in their comments.

One said: "Me when I work a full shift and then try to go out."

With the way pooches are able to win over legions of fans, it is no wonder that dogs are among the most popular pets in the U.S.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 38.4 percent of U.S. homes owned at least one dog in 2018. The organization estimated this means some 48,255,400 households were dog owners.

The AVMA also found that dog owners spent an average of $410 on veterinary expenditure per household.

Meanwhile, cats could be found in an estimated 25.4 percent of American households with the AVMA finding that their owners spend some $182 each year on veterinary visits.

Stock image of Chihuahua
Stock image of Chihuahua. A clip of a Chihuahua trying to stay awake has been viewed more than 1.9 million times online. Getty