Child Filmed on Night Walk Carrying Family Cat and Toy Dog

Night camera footage of a little boy sneaking out of his bed in the middle of the night has gone viral on Reddit.

Why? Because the child is on the move with both his fluffy toy dog and the family cat in his arms.

The hilarious footage was shared to the discussion-based site on December 1 by user Didyoujustsay_ and was captioned: "Our son coming to our bed in the middle of the night. Watched it twice before realizing he was carrying his big stuffed dog AND our cat."

In the clip, which has already garnered more than 45,100 upvotes, we can see the pajama-clad boy climbing out of his bed with something fluffy piled high in his hands.

When one looks closer it becomes apparent he is holding a tabby cat with a white dog toy laying on top.

The child then walks out the room, bumping into a laundry hamper before turning down the corridor.

The video poster explained: "The cat's name is Taco and he's super chill. He usually sleeps with one of our kids and in this video it looks like he was woken up out of a dead sleep and hauled off."

Many people flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the clip, which can be watched here.

One Redditor, Snickersmum, wrote: "My 2 year old shows up with his dummy, water cup, pillow, and more recently his eczema cream.

"If he knew where our dog slept, him sure he'd bring her too. I love how accepting your cat is!"

Another person, Fsfjake, added: "God bless the patience of that cat."

Just_Dank joked: "Plushie for comfort. Cat for emergency rations in case of natural disasters.

Reddskeleton observed: "Oof! Narrowly missed knocking the cat's head on the door..."

PixiiVega gushed: "Omg [oh my god] that is so cute. I'm so happy to see that my child isn't the only one that carries the pet cat like that.

"I always worry that she's a savage but this eased my mind a little that she might be just like every other young child."

Mcarey77 shared: "The cat doesn't look too surprised by the move, must be a common occurrence."

Mrstruong remarked: "That cat is the most tolerant cat in the entire world."

Sharpshot877 remarked: "Yeah some cats and dogs who have been with children a long time let the kid do pretty much anything because they understand they are young and make mistakes their usually even more relaxed if they are parents themselves."

Cat and child
A stock image of a cat and a child. On Reddit a child was filmed wandering round at night with the family cat and a toy dog. iStock