Child Fights Against Being Sedated Before Surgery in Hilarious Viral Video

A video of a young boy resisting sleep after being sedated before surgery is going viral on TikTok, racking up 14.7 million views and 3.9 million likes in just one day.

The child, named Messiah, was at a hospital for surgery after he broke his arm by jumping off the bed with his little brother.

His adorable attitude towards his hospital treatment has delighted millions of social media users who have watched him smile his way through getting an X-ray to waking up post-surgery.

But the video that has really caught the attention of TikTok users is one of Messiah fighting against sleep after being sedated.

The hilarious video sees young Messiah sitting up on a hospital bed, resisting against his doctor's gentle nudges to get him to lie down, as the doctor exclaims: "He is stubborn—he's even stubborn high!"


The dr said “he’s even stubborn high” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 all facts #fyp #foryoupage

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The doctor eventually manages to get Messiah to lay down but struggles to get him to rest his head. He places a palm on his forehead and lightly presses down, but the young boy continues to lift his head, cracking up his mom, Jayla Ferrell, and the hospital staff.

TikTok users were charmed by Messiah's attitude and how he continually resisted sleep, with one TikTok viewer commenting that: "Homie is like 'Nah nah see what we ain't gonna do is make me take a nap against my will,'" and another said: "He's like 'I ain't going down without a fight.'"

Others were impressed that he managed to stay awake at all, like one viewer who said: "He fought that sedation better than most grown people. I was knocked out in seconds!" Messiah's mother replied and said: "Listen cause as soon as they put it in me I be out."

A lot of viewers found the doctor's attempt to get the child to rest his head hilarious, like one viewer who commented: "The doctor trying to gently push his head down has me weak."

A video posted earlier in the day captioned "And he think everything funny," sees Messiah smiling and giggling while having his arm X-rayed. He later says, while smiling "I broke my arm," and when his mom asks if he thinks it's funny, he nods his head.

His mother posted another video after he woke up from surgery in which he declared himself a "big boy" before seeming to wave his (not broken) arm to the beat of the heart rate monitor beeping in the background.

Further updates see Messiah dancing and his mom thanking the hospital staff who looked after him.

Newsweek has contacted Jayla Ferrell for comment.

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