'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2: Chance Perdomo Teases 'Shift' in Ambrose and Sabrina's Family Dynamic

No matter what type of trouble Sabrina Spellman caused on Part 1 of Netflix's hit original series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the teen witch could always rely on her cousin, Ambrose Spellman, to have her back. Whether she needed him to guide her through a hex, help with spells, astral planes or necromancy, Ambrose has been the big brother figure Sabrina can count on to help with her meddling, schemes and plots.

But after wrecking so much havoc in Part 1—mostly at her family members' expense—Sabrina may not have the luxury of Ambrose's guidance to rely on so much in Part 2 of the Netflix series. In a recent interview with Newsweek, Chance Perdomo, who stars as the house-imprisoned warlock revealed a shift in Sabrina's family dynamic that may have an effect on her big cousin's helpfulness. 

It's understandable why Ambrose would pull back from Sabrina considering her consistent rebellion. She not only puts her family in danger (regularly) but her antics have often led her aunts Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto) to be the scorn of the Church of Night. Not to mention, now that Ambrose's centuries-long house arrest has been partially lifted, he's got his own new life to live and explore. Sabrina's adolescent revelry will only get in the way.

Despite all the changes the Spellman family will face in Part 2, Britain-born Perdomo assured fans the love among the witches would always remain.

Read Newsweek's full interview with Perdomo below. Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina releases on Netflix on Friday.

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2: Chance Perdomo Teases 'Shift' in Ambrose and Sabrina's Family Dynamic Chance Perdomo appears as Ambrose in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." Part 2 of the Netflix original series releases on April 5, 2019. Diyah Pera/Netflix

In what ways will Ambrose change now that he’s able to spend time at the Academy of Unseen Arts?

He’s kinda like on parole and he still has that house arrest mindset, but at the same time, he’s kind of distrusting of Father Blackwood [Richard Coyle] and the secret society because they might pose a threat to those who he cares for the most, and that is his family. So while he does have his fun in the beginning and he’s living his best life as the hashtag goes, it definitely gets dark for Ambrose very very quickly.

Will we learn more about Vatican situation and everything that landed him on house arrest in the first place?

We know he tried to blow up the Vatican, but we haven’t had many details [about why he did it or who he worked with]. What we do see, though, is the beginnings of his past start to catch up with him. He has to address those things before he’s able to move on with his life and do the things he needs to do. You won’t see that whole pay-off this time around, but you do see those questions being posed on him and he’s gotta do something about it, especially since the threats are getting larger and larger for those he cares about.

How will his time at the academy affect his relationship with his aunts and his cousin?

As the events and consequences mount, the family dynamic will shift according to what’s being posed. I can’t tell you how, but they definitely shift.

Ambrose took on a big brother role when it came to Sabrina, he was always looking out for her and quick to help her when she was in trouble in Part 1. Is that still the case in Part 2 considering all the drama she caused last season?

He’s a little bit more reluctant to. At the end of the day, they’re always family. But Ambrose and the Aunties are starting to get a little pissed because—quite more often than not—it’s not Sabrina who suffers the consequences of her actions. It’s the people around her, and she fails to see that. Ambrose tries to highlight it to her but that will be her character’s hubris. He’s definitely trying become his own person and that’s complicated by the fact that Sabrina’s always in trouble. He’s like, “How can I do my thing in good conscious if I know she will probably hurt herself?” So Ambrose has that moral dilemma, and definitely, their relationship does get strained.

What about his relationship with Luke. Should fans trust it to last?

I’d say trust it as far as you can trust any relationship. Relationships don’t necessarily last, but sometimes they last longer than you think. Sometimes you just have to let them play out. Let’s say your sister always has a new boyfriend, you’re gonna be skeptical of her new relationships every time she comes home with a new boyfriend. But Ambrose hasn’t necessarily had as many lovers and relationships as of late, so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

What do you love the most about Ambrose?

I love that he’s mischievous despite what he’s gone through. He’s a very old soul, he’s a very tired soul. He’s been through a lot, he’s suffered a lot, but he still has a heart and he’s still mischievous like a kid.

Does that stem from your own history of mischief?

I used to get in trouble a lot as a kid. I used to get in fights and mischief as a kid. So I would say Ambrose may have gotten some of that. That kind of act first, think about consequences later mindset—that’s where I might relate to him from my childhood.

What other character do you enjoy watching the most on the show?

I like watching Madame Satan [Michelle Gomez], and I like watching Prudence [Tati Gabrielle]. They’re amazing actresses and they bring a lot to the roles that they’re in. Those are my two favorites on set.

Will Ambrose have any screen time with Madame Satan on Part 2?

There may be some. Not much, because their storylines aren't really intertwined. But if Sabrina’s getting in trouble and Madame Satan’s there, Ambrose may be somewhere not too far.

Is there anything you think fans should learn from watching Season 2?

To live with your eyes open. Throughout Season 2 nothing is as it seems.

Will Season 2 be as dark as Season 1?

No. You should expect it to be even darker. Much darker.

Describe Season 2 in three words.

Harrowing. Dark. Sexy.

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