'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Star Tati Gabrielle Says Prudence's 'Identity Will be Challenged' in Part 2 of Netflix Series

Sabrina Spellman may be the protagonist of Netflix's original series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but Prudence Night is—quite obviously—the head witch in charge.

As leader of the Weird Sisters, Prudence, played by Tati Gabrielle, is the queen bee at the Academy of Unseen Arts and High Priest Father Blackwood's favorite. She is everything the lead character is not—evil and menacing, the chic and immensely beautiful wicked witch of Glendale in a little black dress and high heels. Nothing seems to bring her more pleasure than torturing mortal boys aside from, of course, tormenting Sabrina, and viewers can't get enough of the life Gabrielle breathes into the sinister role.

Okay, maybe I miss something, but since when Prudence is, like best girl in the show? I don't remember such character development.#ChillingAdventuresOfSabrina #Sabrina

— Arlasce (@Arlasce) April 5, 2019

On Part 2 of the Netflix series, released Friday, Prudence will continue to develop in her bewitching world, although Gabrielle revealed to Newsweek her character will face some rather difficult challenges throughout the new season, particularly surrounding her relationship to Father Blackwood.

It was revealed in Part 1 that Prudence was actually the Church of Night leader's daughter. But now that he has a son, his legacy's heir, where does that leave her? Prudence's new journey to answer that may bring some changes not just within her but also in her relationship with Sabrina.

Read Newsweek's full interview with Gabrielle below.

How do you feel about Prudence as a character, after all she experienced and did in Part 1?

Prudence is growing, which is really amazing because she's much older. For her to have such a long life and continue to grow and learn herself—in Part 2 you'll see her discover herself more and kind of find her own place—it's really exciting to see her character grow so much over the two seasons, and possibly see that hard shell that she's got kinda soften a bit.

Will she have the same feelings towards Sabrina in Season 2 or will there be more of a friendship between them?

That's a super spoiler [laughs].

Is all the harrowing over at least?

Possibly. Their relationship definitely grows. I can say that. And it goes through a few more rounds.

What about the Weird Sisters as a collective? They had a few bumps in their relationship in Part 1, will they be back to being fully aligned in Part 2?

At the end of the day, they've spent their entire lives together, so no matter what happens, they continue to stick together because they are their own little family. As sisters, they'll fight, and they'll have disagreements and butt heads, but they'll always remain tight.

How will Prudence's favor with Father Blackwood change, now that he has a baby?

It definitely challenges Prudence's identity in a way. It forces her to look at him a little differently and reanalyze the situation of wanting a father figure, wanting to be claimed.

Will she still be torturing mortal boys in Season 2?

A bit, but in more fun ways.

What about love for Prudence? Sabrina has two boys checking for her, when is Prudence going to get a love interest?

I can say maybe. Just maybe.

It would probably have to take a really special person to open Prudence up.

It would have to be someone who understands her and understands why her shell is so hard.

Do you think romance with a mortal boy is out of the question for Prudence?

With the new outlook that Sabrina has presented and introduced to our witch world, I feel like at some point Prudence could be swayed to think of mortals in a different light.

Other than Pru, what character do you love to watch on the show?

By far, Madame Satan. Michelle Gomez is a queen and every time she comes on the screen I'm like, "Oh My God, Michelle, yes!" She gives me everything. She gives me life. The way that she attacks that character, and she has so much fun with it and the little quips that she does, the full-body characterization, I love it. I love Madame Satan.

We haven't seen much interaction between Madame Satan and Prudence. Is that something we can hope to see in the future?

Hopefully. That's my hope, that at some point I'll get to interact with her a bit more. Other than in the first season when Prudence came to school with Sabrina, we don't cross paths often.

How did you end up doing your own hair on the show?

I actually came to my audition with the finger waves, because I cut my hair about six months before I got the audition. They were streaking my hair all the time for The 100, and I wanted to figure out a different style to wear my hair when I wasn't on set. So I YouTube'd videos and I learned how to do it that way. My hair naturally is curly and I felt that Prudence would have something a little sleeker and more demure at the same time. So I did the finger waves. I booked the role and when we went into hair and makeup tests they really liked the finger waves. We tried other things, but the finger waves really seemed to be the strongest look.

The hair team on Sabrina, unfortunately, wasn't familiar with my hair type. We had runs where they would try, but they just couldn't work it. So I just said, "Ok, it's fine. I can do my own hair. It'll just make everyone's life easier including mine." So I literally just ended up taking the reins myself and doing it. Over time, the hair team learned a bit more, so they were able to do the back for me. If you go back and see the back of my head over the course of Season 1 you'll see the evolution. But they worked it out. Season 2 my hair is cut and the finger waves are gone.

What do you love the most about your character?

I love Prudence's strength and resilience. She's not gonna take any s**t from anybody, because she's lived a life. She's struggled. She was an orphan and she had to find her own place in the world. The way that she overcame, she's like, "No, I earned my place here and I'm not gonna let anybody take that away from me." In that way, I've learned a lot from Prudence and it's helped with my self-confidence. It's been very enlightening to play her in that aspect.

When the show first came out there were a few people who took offense to Prudence being stereotyped as the angry black woman on the cast. What was your reaction to that?

It kinda caught me off guard, because it wasn't anything that was on my mind while filming it. I knew Prudence had more depth than that and I was going to give that to her. I always looked at the world our characters are in as this colorblind world. The only races in our world are witches and mortals. That's the only divide that we had. I was a little—not hurt—but it saddened me that some people didn't necessarily see the depth within her hardness. The reason why the term "mad black woman" was even coined was because black women struggle and sometimes it jades them and sometimes it hardens them. To put that label on someone and limit their life experience or discredit their life experience is unfair to me. I saw some things but I was like, "No, I know Prudence and I know where she's going."

Describe the show in three words.

Love. Trust. Conquering.