China Churns Out iPad Clones

iFakes? One of several Apple knockoffs coming out of China. (

Call it another shining example of how China doesn't need the United States to get what it wants when it wants. According to a Reuters story, Chinese demand for the Apple iPad—whose international launch was delayed—is so big that knockoffs have already made it to some of the dark-lit back rooms where vendors sell all sorts of bootleg digital devices.

The new fake iPad is apparently a little larger and heavier than the actual iPad, but one of the vendors the Reuters reporter spoke to said it's only the first generation, implying that future versions will address these issues. The price for the counterfeit is slightly cheaper, at $410, compared with the real thing, which ranges from $499 to $699. (There's also another version available on eBay like site--for about $200.)

China has long had a taste for faux things, pirating everything from DVDs to Nike shoes, and a lot of it eventually makes its way here. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection report for fiscal 2009 states that 79 percent of counterfeit and pirated goods the agency seized came from China. The Chinese government has made some attempts to deal with the problem, but little has deterred the now multibillion-dollar industry.

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