China Says GOP, Democratic Infighting Caused U.S. to Be 'Number One in Pandemic Failure'

Three Chinese think tanks released a report Monday that accused the United States of being "number one in pandemic failure" and said the country's two-party political infighting led to 617,000 American COVID-19 deaths.

Researchers from the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China as well as the Taihe and Intellisia Institutes released the report against the U.S. coronavirus response, which featured the mocking title, "America Ranked First?! The Truth about America's fight against COVID-19." The report to the international community described the U.S. as a "failed and divided" country and the "suspected source of the outbreak."

The report called former President Donald Trump "probably the biggest promotor of COVID-19 misinformation" and said he sparked hyperpartisan fighting, which prevented Democratic and Republican lawmakers from combating the virus spread.

Citing "partisan competitions," which prevented public health experts from doing their jobs, the Chinese report blasted the U.S. for allowing a recent "fourth wave" of infections to spread.

"Keeping the U.S. economy and jobs growth would help stabilize the Republican base. As a result, the Trump administration repeatedly ignored warnings about the outbreak and tried to downplay the risk," the Chinese academics wrote in the report published Monday.

"The virus spread faster in Democratic states such as New York and California. But Democrats have spent more energy arguing than actually fighting the virus," the report claimed. It noted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to blame the White House even as Cuomo's administration underreported nursing home deaths and ignited even more "partisan conflicts and blame."

The Beijing-backed paper bluntly refutes U.S. claims that a Wuhan laboratory may have been the origin of the pandemic in late 2019, and instead said the U.S. is the "suspected source of the outbreak." The report mentions several unproven conspiracy theories of its own, tying the virus' creation to Fort Detrick and other U.S. military test operations.

The paper said the U.S. fell into a "vicious circle of anti-pandemic, protest and economic recession" as the country's wealthy politicians allowed hundreds of thousands of deaths to occur.

The report, which featured multiple spelling errors and a disjointed structure, sought to rebuke recent U.S. academic reports that praised the country's vaccination process and overall positive response to the virus outbreak. The Chinese authors said the report aimed to reveal "the truth about America's fight against COVID-19" and described all claims that COVID-19 originated inside China as "conspiracy theories."

The paper offered no evidence to back up several damning claims, including the accusation the "U.S. government suppressed scientists and professional opinions…and subjected them to cyber violence and harassment…even physically threatened them."

Newsweek reached out to the White House Monday morning for response to the Chinese academic report on the U.S. government response to coronavirus but did not hear back in time for publication.

COVID-19 Vaccination in China
A Chinese government–backed report refutes U.S. claims that a Wuhan laboratory may have been the origin of the pandemic in late 2019. Above, a resident receives the Anhui Zhifei Longcom coronavirus vaccine in Fuyang, China on May 25. STR/AFP via Getty Images