Boy Pees in Elevator, Gets Trapped, Sparks Public Safety Campaign

China is using surveillance video of a child urinating in an elevator to remind parents they should exercise better control over their children.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Public Security posted footage of a young boy peeing on the control buttons in an elevator in southwest Chongqing to Weibo, a popular video-sharing platform.

“Please educate and take good care of your children!” it warned in a message accompanying the video.

elevator China’s Ministry of Public Security posted surveillance footage of a boy urinating in an elevator to remind parents to exercise better control over their children over the weekend. Youtube/Screenshot

The CCTV surveillance footage showed a young boy urinating onto the buttons panel while alone in an elevator last Friday. After he relieves himself, the boy zips up his pants and prepares to get off at the next floor. But karma strikes, and the elevator breaks down.

The panicked boy then starts hitting multiple buttons, which are still covered in his urine, before the lights abruptly shut down, plunging him into complete darkness.

According to local media, the boy was not hurt in the incident and was rescued after the elevator short-circuited. The same video, also posted by Beijing News, has now hit over 12 million views, with more than 20,000 comments.

Several users said the child got what he deserved and suggested the parents should pay for the elevator repairs.

“I am satisfied with the outcome! The guardian should compensate for the elevator,” one user wrote in a comment that had more than 11,000 likes.

Others, however, expressed their concerns for the young boy and criticized his parents for failing to discipline him.

“The child needs to be taught a lesson, the father too. Look at their parents’ response. His family is disgusting,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Behind a naughty child there are definitely naughty parents.”

According to the Beijing News, the boy’s father denied the validity of the video and defended his son’s actions.

“[The father] says that his son cannot yet urinate that high, he doesn’t believe it, and his son won’t admit it, says he didn’t do it,” a reporter told the newspaper.

Watch the video below: