Chinese State Media Mocks 'Incompetence' of Biden After Kabul Attack

Chinese state media mocked the "incompetence" of President Joe Biden's administration in the wake of the attacks targeting Kabul's international airport in Afghanistan.

The Islamic State militant group ISIS-K—which is opposed to the U.S. and the Taliban—claimed responsibility for the Thursday attacks. The blasts left more than 90 people dead, including 13 American servicemembers.

The explosions, reportedly carried out by suicide bombers, came as the U.S. rapidly evacuates tens of thousands of Americans and Afghan refugees following the Taliban's rapid takeover of the country this month.

The Global Times, a daily tabloid published by the ruling Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily, published a Friday opinion article written by its editorial staff titled, "Biden wants to save face, but Kabul airport attacks prove his incompetence." The article argued that "the terror attacks by the ISIS will only make the Biden administration's withdrawal more miserable and infamous," and that "the repeated incompetence of the Biden team is clear to all."

Joe Biden
Chinese state media mocked the "incompetence" of President Joe Biden's administration in the wake of the attacks targeting Kabul's international airport in Afghanistan. Above, Biden pauses as he delivers remarks on the terror attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport and the U.S. service members and Afghan victims killed and wounded, at the White House in Washington, D.C., on August 26, 2021. JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

"Then will Biden go back to Afghanistan? He dares not, because it may bring more shame to him. It is difficult to leave, and it is even more difficult to leave gracefully," The Global Times editorial team wrote.

"The fundamental reason lies in the incompetence of the current U.S. government, and the inability of the U.S. national strength in coping with complex situations. Nowadays, it is hard for the U.S. to unreasonably expect all desired outcomes," it concluded.

In a speech on Thursday, Biden vowed that the U.S. would take revenge against ISIS-K for the attack.

"We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay. I will defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command," he said.

The Taliban also condemned the violence, which killed dozens of Afghan nationals.

"The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the bombing of civilians at Kabul airport, which took place in an area where US forces are responsible for security," Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen wrote on Twitter following the attack.

Biden, and former President Donald Trump, have received substantial criticism as the chaos of the U.S. withdrawal has unfolded over the past couple weeks. Trump's administration signed the initial peace deal with the Taliban in February of 2020, agreeing to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by May of 2021.

After Biden took office, he extended the withdrawal deadline to September 11, then moved it forward to August 31. But the Taliban regained near total control of the country on August 15, two weeks before that date.

Scenes of chaos have unfolded at Kabul's international airport since the Taliban takeover, although the group has largely allowed the U.S. military to continue the evacuation. The White House said Friday that more than 105,000 Americans and Afghan refugees have been airlifted from the country in the past 12 days.

Newsweek reached out to the White House for comment but did not immediately receive a response.