Chris Christie Says Wait for Investigations on Cuomo as Democrats Demand Resignation

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, said Sunday that no action should be taken against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo until the attorney general investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct has finished.

Christie, a former federal prosecutor who later served as New Jersey governor until 2018, explained during the panel segment of ABC News' This Week's that he doesn't think Cuomo should resign until the independently elected attorney general's investigation, led by Letitia James, is complete.

Top New York Democrats ranging from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have all called for Cuomo's immediate resignation in the face of at least seven sexual misconduct allegations.

Each member of the ABC News panel agreed the allegations aren't part of "cancel culture," as Cuomo claimed, but rather a very serious issue of predatory behavior in the workplace. But only Christie appeared willing to wait on the ongoing investigation into the sexual misconduct claims.

"I can't be a hypocrite on this," Christie said. "I sat here for years when Democrats were demanding things of President [Donald] Trump before investigations were completed and I'd say 'wait, we've got to let the investigation go forward, let's hear all the facts. Then let's make a decision.' If I'm going to say that about President Trump, which I did, then I'm going to say the exact same thing about Andrew Cuomo if we're going to be consistent."

"Let the investigation proceed. If charges are proven, then action should be taken," Christie added.

Former Democratic Florida Congresswoman Donna Shalala said the number of accusers—seven as of Sunday—is evidence enough that Cuomo should "do the right thing" and step down.

"Normally, you would say 'wait for the investigation,'" said Shalala, a member of the This Week panel. "But the cumulative effect of the number of women who have come forward; in a crisis we need a strong governor in New York and at the end of the day it looks like he cannot and should not survive."

Cuomo, who is also under a separate investigation into his administration's underreporting of nursing home deaths at the height of COVID-19, has vehemently denied all the allegations against him.

"I'm not going to resign. I never harassed anyone," Cuomo said in a statement last week. "I did not do what has been alleged."

The panel members did appear to agree that Cuomo's alleged sexual misconduct allegations are a legal issue and not whether people were "offended."

Former Texas Republican Congressman Will Hurd bluntly stated that the accusations against Cuomo are "not cancel culture"—they are, instead, about a "toxic culture that prevented women from being successful in their jobs."

Newsweek reached out to representatives for Christie as well as Cuomo's office in Albany for additional remarks Sunday afternoon.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, (L) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo comfort each other at the end of a press conference after a NJ Transit train crashed in to the platform at Hoboken Terminal September 29, 2016 in Hoboken, New Jersey. According to reports, at least one person has been killed and over 100 injured. EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ / Stringer/Getty Images