Chris Hahn Hits Back at Rudy Giuliani: Does the U.S. Have the Stomach for Trump Using His Private Attorney to Deal with Foreign Policy?

Commentator Christopher Hahn has hit back at President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, questioning whether the country "has the stomach" for his involvement in the Ukraine whistleblower case, after the pair sparred on Fox News.

Hahn, the host of The Aggressive Progressive podcast on iTunes and a regular contributor to Fox News, came in for a barrage of abuse from Giuliani after he questioned why Giuliani had spoken with Ukraine at the request of the State Department.

"Do we have the stomach for a president utilizing a private attorney to deal with foreign policy?" Hahn said in an interview with Newsweek on Sunday about the whistleblower complaint alleging Trump asked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to look into Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden and his son Hunter. "I don't think the American people are good with that.

"Remember this is a president who got elected by successfully accusing his opponent of being loose on national security, and now we have a situation where his personal attorney—now I don't know what kind of security clearance Rudy Giuliani has—but how is he [Trump] communicating with Giuliani? How is Giuliani communicating with the State Department or Ukraine? That's a question that Congress should be asking as well because we're talking about our national security and whether or not those communiques were intercepted or read by anyone hostile to the United States."

Giuliani is currently in the eye of the storm. His involvement is a central pillar of the Ukraine story and he has given numerous interviews and comments over the past week insisting that he spoke with Ukraine at the behest of the State Department.

"So here's why I was asked by the State Department, it's all documented, they called me to facilitate a meeting between the president and Mr. Zelensky to help them do that," Giuliani said in an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham last week. "I met with the representative of Mr. Zelensky, we never discussed any kind of pressure about a criminal case, we never discussed any kind of quid pro quo or pressure, so I am more than willing to have anybody talk to the person that I talked to."

Giuliani has, since then, shared numerous tweets on the topic, and has repeatedly insisted Biden and his son should be investigated.

"The transcript really shows how dishonest news media is. Unlike Joe Biden, no military aid was withheld, no threats, and absolutely no pressure. Zelensky introduces me into the conversation, not POTUS Trump," Giuliani tweeted.

"No quid pro quo, just an agreement on both sides to fully investigate very serious allegations regarding corruption at the highest levels of both countries. Now, are we ever going to investigate Biden?" he added.

But Hahn warned against becoming distracted from the impeachment inquiry by claims made by the president's personal lawyer.

"He can cry all he wants about what Hunter Biden may or may not have done, there are proper channels for those types of investigations and none of them involve the president's outside attorney, none of them," Hahn said. "And that's what he did—he put his outside attorney Rudy Giuliani on the case, and that of itself any other president would be in very hot water and I think this president is in very hot water. If you look at the polls just in the last five days, the country has moved more in favor of impeachment now than they were ever."