Chrissy Teigen Cuts Hole in Her Mansion Wall to Rescue Trapped Pet Hamster

Chrissy Teigen pulled out all the stops to rescue her beloved pet hamster on Sunday, when she cut a hole in one of her walls to free the trapped rodent.

The model took to Instagram on Monday to share video footage of herself embarking on the rescue mission for Peanut Butter, who had been missing for three days from the Beverly Hills, California, mansion she shares with husband John Legend.

In the footage, Teigen said that she could hear faint scratching in one of the walls, prompting her to get a flashlight so that she could investigate further.

On taking a closer look, the cookbook author discovered that her beloved pet had somehow managed to get inside the wall through a gap connected to sliding doors.

"Yeah, there is a hole in the wall. There's wires," Teigen said in the video, before a man helping her explained to the star's five-year-old daughter, Luna: "She's using [the wires] like a rope to climb."

After other options proved unsuccessful, Teigen made the decision to chisel a small hole in the wall, through which they attempted to lure Peanut Butter with treats.

Ensuring Peanut Butter could make a safe escape from the wall, Teigen held up an empty hamster ball as her pet slowly emerged back into the living area.

Captioning the footage, Teigen wrote: "Rescue 911. Peanut butter the hamster has been missing for 3 days. Is he in the wall??? Let's find out."

Teigen, who shares two children with Legend, welcomed Peanut Butter into her family home in late 2020, shortly after the death of her other hamster, also called Peanut Butter.

Taking to Twitter to share news of Peanut Butter's death in December 2020, Teigen said that her daughter was "okay" after losing the rodent, as "we are very open about life and death in the house and it was all good teachable moments, especially since she still asks about baby and stuff."

The baby Teigen referred to in the post was her son, Jack, who was stillborn in September 2020 after the then-pregnant model was treated in hospital for excessive bleeding due to a weak placenta.

In July, Teigen revealed the loss of her beloved pet dog, Pippa, in a touching Instagram post that read: "our beautiful little pippa just died in my arms, not long ago. she was 10, I remember picking her up in Gainesville and documenting our trip home. She was a sassy broad—loved her pearl necklace and never took s*** from ANY new dog we brought in.

"Our road dog with Sade, a tour dog for years. we loved her so much. We love you sweet girl. I know you're giving puddy hell up there. Thank you for giving us your whole life."

As well as Peanut Butter, the star's sizable collection of pets includes four dogs, two birds, and a bearded dragon called Sebastian—who was purchased in May 2020 for her son Miles' second birthday.

Chrissy Teigen rescues her pet hamster
Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to share footage of herself rescuing her pet hamster, Peanut Butter, from a wall in her home, after the rodent went missing for three days. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE;/Chrissy Teigen/Instagram