Chrissy Teigen's 4-Word Response to Congress Analyzing Her Trump Tweet

Chrissy Teigen responded to Wednesday's House Oversight Committee hearing with a four-word tweet after her criticism of former President Donald Trump took center stage on Capitol Hill.

Three former Twitter executives testified as part of the House Republicans' investigation into "Twitter's Role in Suppressing the [Hunter] Biden Laptop Story."

But while GOP lawmakers sought to pin down the social media platform over censorship claims related to damning information about President Joe Biden and his son, House Democrats on the committee pivoted the hearing toward the Trump administration.

"I...oh my god," the model wrote in response to a clip of the hearing on Twitter. Democratic Representative Gerry Connolly asked former Twitter policy official Annika Collier Navaroli to confirm that Trump demanded removal of a tweet Teigen posted on September 9, 2019. The tweet read: "lol what a p**** a** b****. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president."

Chrissy Teigen Trump Tweet
Left: Chrissy Teigen attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 3, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Right: Former President Donald Trump arrives for a New Year's Eve event at his Mar-a-Lago home on December 31, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida. Teigen responded to Wednesday's congressional hearing with a three-word tweet after her criticisms of Trump took center stage on Capitol Hill. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Navaroli verified that Twitter "received a request from the White House to make sure that we evaluated this tweet, and that they wanted it to come down because it was a derogatory statement directed toward the president."

"I thought that was an inappropriate action by a government official, let alone the White House," Connolly said. "Do you ever think it's appropriate for the president of the United States to direct or otherwise influence a social media company to take down its content?"

"It's a very slippery slope," Navaroli responded.

The congressman's remarks were a nod to the opening statement from House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, a Republican, that said, "it's wrong for the government to call Twitter and say, take down a tweet."

During his presidency, Trump and Teigen, a frequent critic, publicly feuded, including this particular heated exchange that arose after Trump referred to her as musician John Legend's "filthy mouthed wife."

In 2017, Teigen tweeted that she had been blocked from Trump's account, writing, "After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him 'lol no one likes you' was the straw.'"

In an appearance on The Ellen Show, Teigen said that while Trump's insult wasn't wrong, "I do have a filthy mouth," she said she was "really angry" after seeing his initial tweet.

"Think my eyes filled up with water just at the shock of it," she said. "I can't believe this really happened right now. He just goes on these rants, usually very late at night for him. You just wait for him to say something, but you don't think it's going to be you.

"I had so many group chats going that night of just hilarious people and people making funny videos sending to me. So, then you laugh about it."