Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Family Members Facing Indictment

A seller wraps a gift in a Parisian department store on December 15, 2011, one week ahead of Christmas feast. Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn is probably on Santa's naughty list this year, after lying to the FBI regarding his conversations with a Russian ambassador. Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, as well as his former campaign advisers George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates, may also find lumps of coal under the Christmas tree.

But 'tis the season for charity, hope and generosity! To wit, a few gift ideas for anyone facing indictment in the new year.

Donald Trump Squash and Toss: Because going to court is stressful, and why not relieve it by squeezing the head of the man who got you into this mess in the first place?

Law for Dummies: Because it's never too late to bone up on your legal rights or responsibilities under the U.S. constitution, something the above men clearly didn't do. It's never too late, and this page-turner, by JD John Ventura, should help.

deepak chopra - The Secret of Healing - Meditations For Transformation and Higher Consciousness - YouTube

— Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra) November 27, 2017

The Secret of Healing: Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness: Because author and New Age leader Deepak Chopra knows a thing or two about the art of chilling. This was written in 2011, but some things never change.

Custom fit. Massive sound. #GOWireless with the JBuds Elite Bluetooth Earbuds. Available now in a 2-pack for just $24.99 -

— JLab Audio (@JLabAudio) December 16, 2017

Headphones: Because intrusive reporters and noisy courtrooms can really disturb one's equillibrium! JLab's wireless bluetooth headphones are also made with noise-cancelling technology, a feature that would prove vauluable in prison prison.

Trump Socks: Because our president getting handsy with Lady Liberty, as in these socks made by The Crew Socks, is a subtle signal to the courtroom that you always knew who he really was.

Did you see CUE on @TheVIEW?

— Wonder Workshop (@WonderWorkshop) December 15, 2017

CUE Robot: Because when your friends and political supporters have abandoned you, there is still one that won't. Not only does CUE follow commands, but the robot can send and receive text messages—gifts that keep on giving, depending on the sender.