Chuck Norris to Host 5K race That Could Set Chuck Norris Look-a-Like World Record

Legend has it that Bigfoot once spotted Chuck Norris. Another says Chuck Norris once killed a man by poking him on Facebook. Though neither of those are documented, running enthusiasts can actually see Norris and high-five him in a few months when the actor and world-renown martial arts expert hosts a 5K run in Texas.

This isn't just any 5k run. The event will be a chance to break a world record of the most Chuck Norris look-a-likes in one place at any time — ever.

There have been other celebrity look-a-like world records that have been attained, including a Charlie Chaplin feat where 662 people dressed up in dark suits with baggy pants, walking sticks, bowler hats and mustaches in Switzerland.

There were 404 folks who dressed up like Albert Einstein in a 2017 feat that set a new mark in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yay we did it!!!! @GWR for largest gathering of einsteins! #thenexteinstein

— The Next Einstein (@TheNxt_Einstein) March 28, 2017

And more recently on Live with Kelly and Ryan, a Guinness Record for throngs of people gathering to set a world mark on the number of people doing the 'floss dance.'

Joining the fray will be Chuck Norris and his water bottling company. The company will hold its first-ever Cforce Chuck Norris 5K run in College Station, Texas, on May 4, 2019. Each runner will receive a custom Chuck Norris style t-shirt, a fake beard and a "sweet belt buckle," according to the race's website

For those who want to channel their own inner-Chuck Norris, runners can dress like the movie and TV star to compete for one of three costume contests — men, women and children 12 and under.

Though the locale of the race has yet to be announced, it will take place in the Brazos Valley of Texas, where Norris lives with his wife, Gena, at their ranch.

The race isn't just for those go-getters who hope to improve their times and look for ribbons to add to their racing collections.

"This race is family friendly, and we encourage you to bring everyone, including the little ones. How cute will little Billy look dressed up like Chuck Norris?! Strollers are welcome, but no four-legged friends," the website reads.

Norris will speak to the runners and crowd before the race kicks off around 9 a.m. that morning.

"Yes, Chuck Norris will be waiting for you at the finish line to greet you with an authentic Chuck Norris high five (Please note: organizers are not responsible for any injuries that might occur from allowing Chuck Norris to give you a high five)," the website states.

The KickStart Foundation, one of the benefactors of the race, is a martial arts and character development program designed by Chuck and Gena Norris that allows junior high students to participate in a martial arts class instead of a traditional physical education class. Students learn character and discipline, but also can achieve belt levels in martial arts, and must attain high grades in the process.

The KickStart program is present in more than 59 schools throughout Texas, according to the race website.

The other benefactor of the Chuck Norris 5K is the Mercy Project, which works to eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa. To do this, they are implementing economic development projects in various villages and communities in Ghana where an estimated 7,000 children work as modern day slaves.